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Easydive Introduces Leo3 Magic Housing for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, March 3, 2020 @ 01:30 AM (EST)

Easydive has unveiled its new Leo3 Magic housing for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K camera (BMPCC6K), announced last summer. Unlike the similarly styled Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, which is built around a Micro Four Thirds sensor, the 6K version features a Super 35 sensor (6144 x 3456 pixels) and a Canon EF-mount. The camera shoots at 6144 x 3456 16:9 up to 50fps—hence the “6K” moniker.

Like Easydive’s Leo3 universal housing for DSLRs, the Leo3 Magic is a universal housing that uses Bluetooth to control the camera, and as such is designed to support other mirrorless cameras. Since there are no mechanical connections between housing and camera, the controls are arranged ergonomically around the integrated handle.

Constructed from aluminum and depth-rated to 150 meters (490 feet), the housing includes a dual battery pack that supplies power to both the camera and the housing. An optional HDMI/SDI converter can be installed for dual video output, and it’s also possible to add an external solid state drive.

The Leo3 Magic housing can be purchased directly from Easydive for €4,290 (with VAT). A 30% launch discount is available until March 15, reducing the price to €2,990 (with VAT).


Leo3 Magic

The new Housing Leo3 Magic, was born from the collaboration with industry professionals and the experience of all the Easydive staff. 

It is a real concentrate of technology: designed and developed for the new Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K, Leo3 Magic provides a whole series of dedicated accessories that make the combination Camera-Case extremely performing:

  • Double Battery Pack for simultaneous power supply of the camera and the housing (included in the price).
  • Possibility to install an HDMI/SDI converter with dual video output, one for the external monitor and one for the surface direction.
  • Possibility to install an external SSD drive, vacuum system and many other accessories. 

Of course, the housing is universal, therefore the implementation of other DSLR and Mirrorless cameras is expected in the next future.

The Housing is in LAUNCH PRICE. 

Take advantage of this offer and pre-order the housing (delivery expected end of June 2020). Offer valid until March 15, 2020.

€2.450,82 Ex. vat or €2.990,00 Inc. vat

During the purchase phase, VAT will NOT be added to the price for INTRA UE Companies and for all EXTRA UE customers


General features:

  • "Lightness and Travel Friendly", the new Leo3 Magic is made from a block full of Anticorodal aluminum. Its weight is about 1 kg less than Leo3, while maintaining the same dimensions.
  • "Sturdiness", despite the fact that it has been lightened, some ribs have been inserted to guarantee its operation up to -150m and the LIFETIME WARRANTY* Easydive.
  • "Technology", Leo3 Magic is the result of over 20 years of experience in the field of electronic control in underwater housing. In addition to the technologies developed over the years on Leo series housings (Usb / I.R / Wi-fi), we add in Leo3 magic the control via Bluetooth and an integrated display in the housing  which allows to have a clear command of the controls and customizations. The bluetooth commands make this housing magical: The only cable present is for power the video camera, all the commands are wireless.
  • "Power", the new Leo3 Magic is equipped with a double battery pack that simultaneously powers both the video camera and the housing. If the HDMI/SDI converter for dual video output is installed, the batteries will also power the converter.

  • "Direction" thanks to the HDMI/SDI converter (Optional), it is possible to have a dual SDI video output, one for the external monitor (optional) and the other to be used to send a video signal to the surface.
  • "Custom Control", thanks to the Bluetooth command transmission technology, it is possible to manage settings quickly, when they would normally require a more complex combination of mechanical buttons. For example, a single button has been provided, by pressing which you can set both the video resolution and the Fps, recalling up to 5 different Presets, previously set by the user.
  • "Wet Contact Magnetic Buttons", the Leo3 handle allows you to have all controls at your fingertips, 2 trigger front and 9 on the rear. The switch button also allows you to increase the available commands.
  • "Ergonomic handle" the ergonomics of the new Leo3 Magic is incredible, the handle allows quick access to all the main functions, without ever taking your hand away from the housing.
  • "Predispositions", the Leo3 Magic has many predispositions, in the bottom part it has 8 m5 holes (4 for removable support feet), for a possible stand or bracket supports. There are also 2 M8 holes, suitable for fixing the bracket for the second handle. In the back at the height of the display there are other 6 m4 holes in which it is possible to fix a hood or other accessories. Finally in the upper part there are 4 caps M14x1 where it is possible to implement 2 connectors for sdi video output, vacuum system, and other possible solutions.

  • Housing totally made from a block full of Aluminum, the Leo3 Magic is made from a block full of Anticordal aluminum, a very resistant aluminum that has allowed us to further lighten the case but to be able to guarantee it operating up to -150m.
  • Possibility to switch the housing on and off in the water in order to better manage autonomy.
  • Ready for installation of the Vacuum system (optional).
  • Water, sound and visual infiltration alarm via 4 flashing LEDs.
  • Robustness: the only operating case -150m thanks to the double closing o-ring and the magnetic buttons in wet contact that do not undergo hydrostatic pressure
  • Handy: it is one of the most manageable cases in the world, thanks to its volume in water it is practically neutral.
  • Direct Contact: like all other Easydive enclosures, Leo3 Magic is also sold directly by the manufacturer to the consumer, to guarantee maximum after-sales assistance.

NB: the standard functions are listed in the compatibility file downloadable at the top of the page, other custom functions can be implemented on request. 

* the lifetime warranty is subject to annual maintenance performed at Easydive.


Ready for installation Vacuum system (optional)


  • Height: 200 mm.
  • Handle Width Included: 295 mm.
  • Depth: 170 mm.
  • Leo3 Magic Porthole Diameter: Ø105 mm.
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Maximum Depth Guaranteed: 150 m



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