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Carl Safina: The Ocean Is Too Big To Fail
By Jason Heller, November 7, 2008 @ 02:00 AM (EST)

Carl Safina, co-founder of the Blue Ocean Institute, author and conservationist, just posted a great piece that apparently recapped a presentation or speech he gave at their 2008 Gala and Fifth Anniversary Celebration. I'd like to just highlight  a few quotes from his his post and share some really eleoquent statements that are unfortunately all too true about the gravity of the ocean's main issue - that society of today is not paying the cost of our actions and leaving this debt to future generations. Read further...

Carl poses such an interesting analogy of the current financial crisis and the ocean's crisis:

"I’d like to pose this question:  what do the ocean and the mortgage crisis have in common?  Not in parallel.  I mean:  what same exact thing has created overfishing, declining, coral reefs, pollution, global warming—and has also created the mortgage crisis?"

"We’re all tied in to networks we have never understood.   But we’ve been tied together for a long time:  the shared air and water, our seas and fish, all our shared life support."

"We all pay.  We’ll make people who are not even born yet, pay.  What physics and ecology have taught us, evolution has taught us, and even the golden rule tried to teach us:  there is no free lunch, we are woven into the same social fabric, strands in the same net of life."

"We’re not going to make the right decisions while it’s so cheap to make the wrong decisions.  And it’s so cheap because we’re not paying the true costs as we go." 

 All too true, and humbling when you think about the dire consequences of mismanaging our ocean resources.

To read the complete post (which I highly reccomedn), check out Carl Safina's blog.



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