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Backscatter Publishes How-To and Setup Guide for New Hybrid Flash
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, June 3, 2024 @ 09:00 PM (EST)

Back in April, DPG Field Editor Nicolas Remy took the first look at the new Backscatter Hybrid Flash (HF-1), concluding that “the Backscatter Hybrid Flash is ticking all my boxes, in a smaller form factor than my current go-to wide-angle strobes.” Nicolas loved the wide, smooth, powerful beam; quick recycle time; centered aiming light; compatibility with a range of lighting accessories; and, of course, what sets the strobe apart from most others—the built-in video light.

Nicolas only had limited time with pre-production units—his full DPG review is in the works—but now that shipping of the Hybrid Flash is imminent, Backscatter has released a series of excellent videos to get us fully acquainted with the new strobe. In their how-to and setup guide, they include three videos presented by new Media Producer Thomas Anderson (also embedded below). The first is an in-depth walkthrough of the strobe, covering the manual and automatic modes, high-speed sync, remote mode, SOS mode, and video mode. Thomas discusses the strobe’s impressive output power, beam pattern, color temperature, recycle speed, and even the flash duration—yes, it matters!

In the second video, Thomas provides a comprehensive guide to the wide range of diffusers available for the strobe—white (6300K), 5500K, 4500K, and ambient blue—and the subtly and radically different results you can achieve. Lastly, with the third video, Thomas explains how the strobe uses a single test shot to learn how to sync correctly with your camera’s flash, ensuring any pre-flashes are ignored and the strobe only fires with the main flash.

As well as demonstrating the impressive capabilities of the new Hybrid Flash, the videos are all very educational and will help many shooters make a more-informed choice for their next strobe purchase. Enjoy the videos below, and for a detailed read on the strobe and what it’s capable of, check out Backscatter’s comprehensive article, which includes lots of inspiring images and video shot using the Hybrid Flash.

Full walkthrough and breakdown of the strobe

Complete breakdown of all the diffusers

Learning Mode & Pre-Flash Cancellation



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