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Aquatica Announces Housing For Canon 550D / T2i Rebel SLR
By Matt J. Weiss, June 11, 2010 @ 03:10 PM (EST)
 Aquatica announced today their housing for the Canon 550D / T2i entry level SLR camera. This is the third housing option for the T2i, a camera which has become popular for offering a high end sensor and features in a camera that has an entry level price point.

True to Aquatica style, the housings looks very compact, durable and offers access to all the main controls. Especially impressive is the price of the housing with a $1999 price tag.

One feature that I want to point out is the flash release button. The Aquatica housing allows you to close and release the cameras internal flash, which is needed to fire strobes through fiber optics.  Not only will this make switching between ambient light and flash photography easy, but it also means if you forgot to release the flash before putting your camera in, you don't have to unassemble the housing. A small, but great new feature from Aquatica. 

Flash pop up button on Aquatica T2i housing

Full press release below.

Press Release:

Aquatica housing for the Canon 550D / T2i Rebel housing.

Big features in a small packages!

The Arrival of the Canon T2i / 550D announced a new era in entry level DSLR, loaded with features usually found on much higher end cameras, this new Canon offers a compact and light design that is ideally suited for housing manufacturers.  Working quietly in our North American headquarters, our dedicated team has come up with an aluminum housing design that is second to none and, quite importantly, priced at 1999.00 USD to make it the most affordable aluminum housing in its class. The Aquatica T2i housing will give the user unparalleled access to the camera operations and every effort has been made to bring the controls and buttons within easy reach of even the smallest hand.

Aquatica Canon T2i/550D housing

Made of High Grade aluminum, machined on a state of the art five axis computerized machine that allowed us to move away from the traditionally boxy housing offered on the market these days, every housing shell is hand polished, inspected and treated to a stringent anodizing process before being coated with a highly protective powder coated paint. Every single Aquatica Housing is handcrafted,  using an actual camera at every step of the way, ensuring that the controls will work flawlessly on that once in a life time dive travel.

Shifting between flash and ambient light photography is as easy as flipping the provided lever to close the internal flash, and pressing the flash up button when you want to go back to flash photography.

A pair of time proven locking latches is provided as they have been on all our housings since the very beginning of the company, same goes for the lens release which has been part of our housing features since the early models, this lever is now retractable and will allow the user to pull the camera out with the lens and zoom/focus gear attached to it. Swapping cards, battery or lens even on a small dive boat is a simple and expedient affair. One can only underline the necessity to minimize exposure of the camera in such a wet environment.
Aquatica Canon T2i/550D housing

Critical controls positioning such as exposure control and the now so important ISO function when shooting video have all been considered with care. Aquatica is well aware, due to the rugged Canadian climate, that underwater photography housings are not meant only for tropical destination, thus, we have made sure that the controls knobs have all been oversized and positioned in an uncluttered fashion, so operating the housing in cold water condition becomes that much easier for glove equipped photographers. Standard operating depth is the usual 300ft/90m associated with our housing since 1982 and upgrading to 425ft/130m is as readily available as just asking for it.

The Aquatica T2i / 550D is ready to accept our acclaimed Aqua View, replacing the viewfinder is a matter of seconds due to our pioneered  method of keeping  viewfinders  in place…  Bright, streamlined, built in eye relief correction, an unblocked view of the rear LCD are but a few things that has made it the reference in the industry since its introduction.

The housing is supplied with your choice of strobes connectors, Nikonos, Ikelite, S6 and Optical connectors, the later do not requires exotic type of cords and have adapter supplied for both Sea & Sea type and Inon straight ended cords to take advantage of just plain off the shelves cords available everywhere.

Lightweight and compact comes to mind when seeing and operating this housing, with air transport regulations forcing the diver to streamline equipment more and more, The Canon T2i / 550D camera with its Aquatica housings delivers a package of such unparalleled quality and potential for the price that is sure to attract attention in the realms of underwater photography.

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