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December 2013 Photo Contest

To close out the 2013 round of photo contests, we ended the year with the theme "Jellyfish."  Thanks to all who submitted, we received several richly colorful and extremely beautiful images.  But it was an image by Sacha Lobenstein shot off of Tenerife that ultimately stood out to the DPG judges.  With the sunburst behind, and the artfully lit underside, Sacha's visually captivating photograph proved exceptional, and so he will receive a prize bundle from the nice people of Prawno Apparel.

Coming in for a close second place is Cornelia Thieme's incredible shot from Jellyfish Lake in Palau.  It seems as though many entrants this month took advantage of the sunburst as a backdrop, which heightened the depth and appeal of a threateningly flat composition.  So well done!

And finally, coming in for another close vote is third place winner Roland Bach.  Roland managed to capture two elegant jellyfish floating side by side, again making subtle use of the sun's bursting rays in the background.

Congratulations to all of our December winners, and many thanks to all who entered.  And as always, thank you to our superstar DPG Judges for taking time out of their busy schedules to vote: DPG Editors Matt Weiss, Joe Tepper, and Lia Barrett, as well as Mr. Keri Wilk, Steve of the Neef (de Neef), Jeff De Guzman, Tobias Friedrich and Mark Fuller

We would also like to extend additional gratitude to Prawno Apparel for providing cool and cozy prizes!  Be sure to enter your "Wrecks and Artificial Reef" shots for our January contest ending at 11:59 p.m. on January 31st. 

More About Prawno
Prawno was born from a love of marine life and dive culture.  Underwater photographer Lia Barrett creates each design by pulling imagery directly from underwater imagery.  Among other animals are manta rays from Western Australia, squid from Indonesia, and even a deep sea squat lobster shot from Karl Stanley's submarine below 2,000 feet.  Discreetly placed within the designs are locations and depths at which the marine animals were photographed. 
Prawno is committed to promoting deep sea awareness and supporting ocean conservation and coastal community empowerment projects.  Beyond donating a portion of all proceeds to organizations focusing on these issues, Prawno has partnered with the TruBlue Foundation to create designs to support the protection of the critically endangered Maui's dolphin, and has created an exclusive design to benefit Manta Trust.


www.prawnoapprel.co.uk (Shipping to the UK and EU)


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