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Getting Started in Underwater Photography
At some point or another, most divers have thought about learning how to shoot underwater photography. The affordability of digital cameras and the ability to instantly see the outcome of your efforts has reduced the barrier to trying and the learning curve to almost nothing. Add the ability to shoot video clips with even the most basic point & shoot cameras, and you have the recipe to become a scuba dive vacation memory making machine, not to mention the envy of your office and family get togethers.
Learning about underwater photography can be very rewarding, and yes, sometimes a bit challenging. The team at DivePhotoGuide is passionate about underwater photography and will help you understand how and where to begin this journey. This Underwater Photography For Beginners Guide will provide practical advice in getting started in underwater photography.
Bumphead parrotfish in Sipadan by Matt Weiss
You will soon be addicted. You will soon want to upgrade your equipment. You have been warned.
If you are looking to buy your first set of underwater photography equipment, check out our Guide To Selecting Your First Camera.
You can jump into underwater photography in a number of ways. Many divers are simply only interested in getting decent snapshots or video clips to memorialize their dives and to share experiences with family and friends, and there is nothing wrong with that at all! With the evolution of digital photography, any camera with an available underwater housing plus a few pointers will get you on your way. However, at some point you may want to create images worthy of hanging on your walls, or eventually entering into competitions or even getting published in magazines and websites.
In order to address everyone’s needs, this guide to basic underwater photography is broken into two general parts: simple pointing and shooting, and taking the next step into manual controls. Regardless of your photographic intentions, it is our recommendation that you read both parts.  While the fundamental principles of underwater photography will get you on your way, you may unintentionally fall in love with underwater photography and decide that you want go a little further than you initially thought, and we want to give you a glimpse of where that may lead you.
pygmy seahorse underwater photograph by Matt Weiss
Whatever you decide, there is one guarantee -- underwater photography will provide you with immeasurable amounts of fun!
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At some point or another, most divers have thought about learning how to shoot underwater photography. The affordability of more
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