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Games PC instead of console - ten unbeatable advantages of PC gaming
The choice of platform for computer and video games is, of course, a pure matter of belief and a question of personal requirements and preferences. Nevertheless, we present you ten powerful arguments for purchasing a powerful gaming PC instead of a console. Starting with open system structures and modding options through to technical superiority.

There are many reasons why many video game enthusiasts rely on a powerful PC as the game medium of their choice: more open system structures and thus the possibilities for modification and independent expansion of games, high technology standards for the best possible quality and adaptation to their own needs, the diverse sources of supply for video games and the much more flexible price conditions as well as much, much more. The fact that the PC as a gaming platform is far from "dead", as bad tongues rumored a few years ago, is proven by the latest sales successes of top-class game productions such as The Witcher 3, the active indie scene and countless Kickstarter successes
  • مواقع تحميل العاب

  • From putting together a gaming computer to modifying a game, less tech-savvy gamers and console switchers can break into a sweat in view of the sheer variety of options and the occasional upgrade and instead lull themselves into the uncomplicated security of prefabricated systems. Fortunately, appropriate advice can always be found quickly on the Internet and with a little initiative, one or the other might even develop enthusiasm for hardware. In today's special, we want to highlight some of the obvious advantages of the PC as a gaming platform.

    Of course, this primarily serves to educate all those who have always wondered what should be better on a gaming PC for expensive money when a console is already much cheaper and does not have to be upgraded. Despite the teaser picture that appeals to your attention, the group of PC gamers can safely leave the "PC Masterrace" flag up and the console gamers among you do not have to take a prophylactic defensive position in order to obtain the raison d'être of stationary home consoles discuss. We show you only ten advantages of PC gaming in the picture gallery below. Do you have any additions? Which advantages are most important to you? Leave us your comments!

    The advantages & disadvantages of current online gaming platforms
    No question about it: online gaming platforms for PC games are booming. Gaming has long ceased to be a niche phenomenon, but a mass movement - and gaming platforms play a large part in this. We have therefore taken a look at the most popular services such as Steam, Origin, uPlay and Battle.net and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms.

    Advantages of the online gaming platforms
    Disadvantages of online gaming platforms
    Steam [Valve]
    Origin [Electronic Arts]
    uPlay [Ubisoft]
    Battle.net [Blizzard]
    The classic computer game scene and its shops are changing! While in the past computer games could only be purchased on CD or DVD, nowadays the content is offered directly for download via the Internet and numerous game platforms. The only requirement for the large downloads: fast internet.

    There are also many providers of so-called direct downloads and “game keys” on the Internet. After purchasing a CD key , a game can, for example, be activated and downloaded directly from an online game platform such as Steam, Origin, uPlay etc. Nevertheless, one should definitely compare the prices of the providers for the games. Often the games on the online game platforms are not cheaper than in stores or from other download providers.

    Advantages of the online gaming platforms
    The games library can usually be accessed from anywhere.
    Installation and deinstallation are quick and easy (one-click).
    The games can often be kept up to date automatically via updates.
    Many providers save the scores in the cloud.

    Disadvantages of online gaming platforms
    Internet access is mandatory (at least for activation)
    The games are usually linked to an account.
    The games cannot be resold.
    Not always the cheapest price.
    Age query for USK games can be bypassed quite easily with most providers.

    Steam [Valve]
    The Steam platform was developed by the US company Valve Corporation. The client software for Windows systems has been around since 2003. This originally provided new updates for Valve's own computer games such as Half-Life or Counter-Strike. Games from other manufacturers have also been available on Steam since 2012. The offer has been constantly expanded, so that Steam is probably the world's largest and most popular online gaming platform today.

    In order to play the purchased games, it is necessary to download the free Steam client software and create a Steam account. All games are presented in detail, and the minimum hardware requirements are always given. There is also a large Steam community in which extra forums are often set up for the games.

    Origin [Electronic Arts]
    Origin is an online distribution platform for computer games from the American publisher Electronic Arts (EA). What began in 2005 under the name EA Store and EA Download Manager, was not continuously developed into a store until 2011. Origin also enables customers to purchase computer games over the Internet and then play them using the associated free client software. The platform has an offline mode that allows most games to be played at any time regardless of an internet connection. However, an internet connection may occasionally be required, at least for activation.

    Origin is now required for almost all newly released PC games from Electronic Arts. In addition to EA's own games, hundreds of game titles from other manufacturers are also offered via the shop. The creation of a user account with Origin is compulsory, all purchased games are linked to this account. Games can usually be saved via external cloud storage.

    uPlay [Ubisoft]
    The French game publisher Ubisoft launched its own internet distribution platform for computer games and software in 2009 with uPlay . Internet access is required during installation to activate the distributed games. The cross-platform service currently offers just over 50 games.

    Every player who uses a Ubisoft game must create a Uplay account. There is also a community here and, as a special feature, an in-game reward system with which points (“units”) can be earned through special actions. These are not tied to the game in which they were earned, but can be used again across all games.

    Battle.net [Blizzard]
    Battle.net is the online gaming platform of the American game publisher Blizzard Entertainment. The platform offers the option of downloading Blizzard games that have been previously registered with the account. The game developer would like to bring all of its titles together on this uniform platform in the future. Basically, all Blizzard games can be connected to your own account, older Blizzard titles (Diablo, Starcraft, etc.) should be integrated step by step.

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