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Benefits of ESAs for the Elderly People

When it comes to having an emotional support animal, there is no age limit for it. A child as well as an elderly could have an ESA for a number of reasons. Elderly people usually suffer from isolation and loneliness.


This exposes them to a number of mental disabilities like depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD. All of these symptoms could be managed with the help of a loving dog or any other ESA.

Among all the emotional support animals, dogs remain a favorite and the best thing is that an emotional support dog letter is quite enough to live and travel with it. How does an ESA benefit elderly people? Read on.


Isolation and loneliness is the most common cause of mental disabilities in the elderly people. There are some ones who get to live with their spouse for a longer time while there are many in which one of the spouses is left to live alone.

In such a case, elderly people may experience depression. However, getting and ESA could help them with this depression and provide the needed companionship to them.

Healthy Activity

Limited mobility is also common in lederly people. They get tired quickly and many of them suffer from arthritis that further limits this activity. Animals like cats and dogs need some form of physical activity to stay fit and healthy.

A dog will need its dose of daily walks while a cat will also need some mild indoor play and activities to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.

Attraction for Younger Family Members

Having an animal at home attracts a lot of attention and if this animal is a dog then be prepared to get lots of visits from your neighbors’ kids and grandkids. Everyone loves them. They perfectly lighten up even the most sombre of the personalities and bring out the best in them.

An emotional support animal offers unconditional love, attention and care and elderly people need these the most.At the same time the owner of the animal must keet esa letter sample with himself while travelling to be legalize your ESA and search for a legitimate webiste for certification.

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