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What is Cisco System?

More than 80% of the active devices in the internet network infrastructure of the Cisco system installed in the world are managed and operated by cisco system devices. The presence of such a company at the beginning of such a large system means serious responsibility and serious electronic developments. Companies such as Microsoft, SYSNETTECH Solutions and Cisco tried to establish a network within themselves by conducting new R & D researches and creating the technical infrastructure of their devices. Because there are more than 1 billion computer users in the world since 2006, it is evident that this system is developing today and it requires certified experts for its infrastructure to work properly.

Because of this reason, the cisco system company reaches the people who will be able to respond to the technical service of their devices by training their own staff by opening advanced academies in the countries. Our country is used in many areas of cisco devices maintenance, repair, installation, software installation, follow-up stages, such as the shortage of personnel to take care of.

There are many devices that we define as Cisco devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, ip telephones and so on.

Network infrastructure needs self-improvement by developing itself day by day and opens up new business areas and has become a sector of 6 trillion dollars. People with Cisco certification can find jobs in many IT companies and support them as a network expert as a freelancer.

Intent-based networking (IBN), announced by Cisco in June 2017 as a new network identification technology, promises significant improvements in network management and maintenance. IBN technology, which has been developed as software that has features such as planning, designing and automatically implementing instant configurations in the network, is also being studied by other companies.

The vast majority of network management panels are still CLI-based, manual adjustments cause network interruptions, and the need for automated tools in networks with many devices such as the Internet of objects highlights the advantages of IBN technology.

What is a Computer Network?

At least two computers are connected and exchange information is called a computer network. Computer networks provide users with an environment in which they can share information between computers. The main purpose of network usage is for users connected to the computer network to access the network resources and communicate with other users. This saves time and money.

Local area networks (LANs) are the networks that are located in the same space or are formed by computers close to each other. Connecting several computers and a printer in an office is an example of a local computer network.

Wide area networks (WANs) are the networks that are located in different places or formed by remote computers. Wide zone networks connect local area networks. The computer network of a large company with units in different countries connects local computer networks in different countries to form a wide area network.

What is the Internet?

The global network of millions of computers that connects thousands of computer networks is called the INTERNET. This network does not have an administrator. Internet users use a common agreement language to communicate with each other. This common agreement language is called TCP / IP. This protocol enables the communication between computers regardless of hardware and software.

In this agreement language, each computer has an address. These addresses are expressed in numbers and are referred to as the IP address of the computer. Just like every house has an address, every phone number. The information reaches these addresses in the shortest way. Other computers are used for transportation. Other computers between two communicating computers transfer information packets that do not belong to them to the other computer.

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