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Mistakes to Avoid in a College Application Essay

A college admissions essay is the most important piece of paper, as it decides your fate. It is on the basis of this essay that the admissions committee decides whether you are the right candidate for their institution or not.

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A college application essay should showcase you and your personality, which is why you need to go the extra mile to ensure that there is no error or inconsistency.

Here are some mistakes that you must avoid when writing your admissions essay:

Repeating the essay prompt

Never start your essay by repeating the essay prompt; it only wastes your word count. Instead, you should start with an interesting hook to grab their attention.

Choosing the wrong topic

The biggest mistake is to choose a topic that gives you no room to explain yourself or makes you come across as a boring person. The goal is to give them a chance to get to know you, your personality, talent, and abilities.

Using fancy vocabulary

Don’t try to incorporate words that you normally wouldn’t use. Don’t simply write words from the dictionary that you don’t understand. It is better to use simple vocabulary instead of using words in the wrong context.

Using clichés

If you try to go with a topic or idea that has proven successful for someone else in the past doesn’t mean that you should use it as well. The admissions committee is always looking for new and unique content, they want to get to know who you are.

Copying someone else's work

Plagiarism is a big no-no when it comes to writing. A college application essay is an opportunity for you to share insights about yourself, don’t ruin this chance by copying things off the internet.

Rewriting your resume

The admissions committee already has your resume; don’t simply rewrite it in the college essay. Use this chance to share something outside of your scores and internships.

If you are still unsure whether you’re writing this essay in the right direction, you can ask for professional help. Look for a reliable essay writing service and have them assist you to submit the best college essay.

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