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Wide-Angle Wet Lenses for Underwater Photography (Compact Cameras)
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, April 27, 2016 @ 04:30 AM (EST)

Underwater, we don’t have the luxury of shooting a wide-angle scene from 10 or 15 feet away: That much water between you and your subject will quickly absorb all of those glorious warm colors in your image, leaving you with nothing but murky blues and greens. The solution is simple enough: Use a lens with a wide field of view to allow you to come in closer. If you have an interchangeable-lens camera, there’s no problem—you just have to invest in a good wide-angle lens—but if you’re shooting with a compact, the wide end of your in-built zoom lens, probably 28mm, won’t be nearly wide enough.

Fit More in with a Wide-Angle Wet Lens

To widen the possible field of view of your compact camera’s lens, you’ll need a special wide-angle lens accesory in front of the port on your housing. This “wet” lens is specially designed to make it possible to fit more in the frame when you’re just a few feet away from your subject. It allows you to shoot everything from sharks and wrecks to seascapes and fish schools, but also provides a dramatic perspective on smaller subjects through the close-focus wide-angle technique. In addition, because the lens attachment gets you much closer to your subject, you’ll be able to use strobes or continuous lights to really make those colors pop.

Increasing Angle of View

The available wide-angle wet lenses increase the angle of view of your compact’s lens by different amounts, and they differ in terms of price, bulk, weight, and mount type. Some are designed for compacts with lenses no wider than 35mm, others up to 28mm at the widest, so not all wet lenses are compatible with every camera model. While some attachments are considered “rectilinear”—producing images with straight lines of perspective—others are labelled “fisheye” lenses, and they create extreme visual distortion that can really add drama to your images.

Mounting Options

Like their macro counterparts, wide-angle wet lenses generally attach to your housing either via a bayonet or thread mount. Many shooters prefer the security of the screw-on variety, but others like the convenience and ease of the bayonet type. Before deciding on which accessory to get, be sure your particular housing is compatible.

The following provides a roundup of the most commonly used wide-angle wet lenses for compact cameras.


Maximum Angle of View
Weight (Air)
i-DiveSite UWL-04 52mm thread 168° 26oz/729g $425
Ikelite W-30 67mm thread 112° 21oz/595g $475
Inon UFL-165AD Bayonet 165° 15.5oz/440g $508
Nauticam WWL-1 Bayonet/
67mm thread
130° 44oz/1,240g $1,150
Fantasea BigEye M67 Mk II 67mm thread 80° 7oz/203g $220
Inon UWL-H100 28M67 67mm thread 100° 19.6oz/555g $521

Wide-angle wet lenses compared


i-DiveSite M52 UWL-04 Fisheye Lens

A wet lens with an included dome, the UWL-04 provides compact cameras with a pronounced fisheye perspective. i-DiveSite claim a maximum angle of view of 168 degrees when used with an in-built lens that’s 28mm at its widest. The 52mm thread mount offers direct compatibility with various underwater housings, including several by Recsea and Olympus. Housings with 67mm threads, such as those by Ikelite and Nauticam, require an appropriate threaded adapter.

$425 | www.i-divesite.com | www.backscatter.com


Ikelite W-30 Wide-Angle Lens

Ikelite’s W-30 provides up to 112-degree coverage when used with cameras equipped with a lens up to 28mm. The W-30 includes both 46mm and 67mm threads for easy attachment to many housings, including most Ikelite housings. The W-30 is depth-rated to 200 feet (60 meters) and adds just 12oz (345g) of weight in water.

$475 | www.Ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com


Inon UFL-165AD Fisheye Lens

As the name suggests, the UFL-165AD gives a field of view of up to 165 degrees, and minimum focusing distance is reduced to virtually zero. However, this ultra-wide-angle wet lens is designed to work with compact cameras with a maximum zoom of 35mm, and gives an unsatisfactory performance on cameras with lenses that can be zoomed wider. The UFL-165AD uses Inon’s “AD” bayonet mount to attach to compatible housings via a suitable additional AD Mount Base accessory. The pre-installed “lens hood” aims to suppress ghosting and flare.

$508 | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com


Nauticam WWL-1 Wide-Angle Lens

The WWL-1 provides a 130-degree field of view with 28mm equivalent lenses, and Nauticam claims that the accessory works well throughout the full zoom range of your compact camera’s lens. The minimum focusing distance is essentially zero when using the WWL-1, allowing you to get as close as you need to your subject. The lens comes with a 67mm threaded mounting ring as well as a Nauticam bayonet mounting ring, providing good compatibility with various housings.

$1,150 | www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com


Fantasea BigEye M67 Mark II Wide-Angle Lens

Fantasea’s competitively priced BigEye wet lens extends the angle of coverage to 80 degrees. Attachment is via a standard 67mm thread and an optional adapter is available to convert to a 55mm thread. There are also “F Series,” “G Series,” and “S Series” versions of the a BigEye wet lens designed specially for the Fantasea’s various housings for Canon PowerShot and Nikon Coolpix cameras; these simply slot onto the front of the housing.

$220 | www.fantasea.com | www.backscatter.com


Inon UWL-H100 28M67 Wide-Angle Lens

Designed for housings with 67mm threads, the UWL-H100 28M67 is a wet lens attachment offering a 100-degree field of view with compacts featuring 28mm lenses at their widest. There are two types of the UWL-H100 28M67 (Type 1/Type 2), designed for compatibility with different housings. Inon also produces a version of the wet lens with a bayonet mount and a version designed for compacts with 35mm lenses at their widest. The company offers a dedicated Dome Lens Unit II option for the UWL-H100 which increases the angle of view underwater up to 145 degrees.

$521 (lens) | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com
(dome) | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com

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