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Photographer of the Week – Yen-Yi Lee
By Daniel Norwood, March 21, 2019 @ 05:00 AM (EST)

A blenny photographed off the northeastern tip of Long Dong, Taiwan

It may seem obvious, but a sure-fire way to produce an interesting portfolio of underwater images is to visit some of the world’s most famous dive destinations, and our latest Photographer of the week Yen-Yi Lee has most certainly done his fair share of traveling with a camera. Australia, Palau, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia are just a handful of the locations that feature on Yen’s gallery page, and the end result is a colorful collection of coral reef scenes and iconic marine megafauna that have won him a variety of awards and recognition in international underwater photography contests.

Looking through Yen-Yi’s favorites, it is clear that he prefers wide-angle work. I personally like his images that feature divers, as they give a sense of scale to the fish and corals and make you wish you were underwater with him. There are also a number of well-executed over-unders, which help non-divers to realize that some of the most fascinating creatures in our oceans are not always as far away from the surface as they might think.

As well as admiring the following images, I would suggest taking the time to head over to Yen-Yi’s website, where you can discover hundreds more pictures of marine life from all over the globe. Sharks, whales, rays, sea lions or manatees—name an underwater critter and it is highly likely Yen-Yi has taken a great photograph of it!

A barracuda cyclone swirls around a diver, Big Fish Country, Maratua, Indonesia

Cabbage coral adorns Ulong Channel in Palau

An Australian sea lion completes the perfect composition, Hopkins Island, South Australia

A humpback whale mother and calf cruise through the blue off Réunion Island

A freediver interacts with Moalboal’s huge sardine schools, Cebu, Philippines

The photogenic “Jake” seaplane off Koror, Palau

Color bursts forth in the mangroves of Raja Ampat, Indonesia

A group of snapper strike a pose among the corals, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The namesake fish of Grand Cayman’s “Stingray City” position themselves for a sublime over-under

The enigmatic thresher shark makes an appearance off Malapascua Island in the Philippines

Fish gather in vast numbers at Summer Bay, Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

Yen-Yi Lee

Check out more of Yen-Yi Lee’s work on his website, www.yenyilee.com, or follow him on Facebook.



Gerome Saurin
Apr 25, 2019 10:22 AM
Gerome Saurin wrote:
Udy Regan
Jun 13, 2019 4:27 AM
Udy Regan wrote:
Stunning colours combo with an adorable main subject up front. The beautiful blue waters set as the perfect contrasting background for the bright green coral.
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