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Photographer of the Week – Vladimir Mladenovic
By Joanna Lentini, November 30, 2017 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Split shot of photographer and dive boat, Little Cayman

As divers, we rarely linger at the surface, with our masks half in and half out of the water—holding our gaze between the two very different worlds. Yet, some of the most captivating underwater images reveal this very place that is so difficult to capture with the human eye. When Vladimir Mladenovic’s father first introduced him to a Russian Zenit camera in 1992, little did he know then that his son would go on to produce such fascinating images. Whatever you prefer to call them—over-unders, splits, or half-and-halfs—these frames reveal a mind-bending junction where the terrestrial and aquatic worlds collide, each with an exclusive fingerprint: the waterline.

As General Manager of underwater housing maker Subal, Vladimir has the opportunity to regularly get out into the field and test new cameras and housings. And while he enjoys photographing any subject, he has a strong passion for the split image—as he prefers to call them. Whether in his local waters around Serbia or submerged overseas, Vladimir feels the split image has the power to change perceptions about a place. By including something familiar, such as a boat, bridge, or forest, his splits somehow resonate with everyone—diver or otherwise. Vladimir admires the split image so much, he has even authored a book called Split Session, where he teaches photographers different perspectives to the usual over-under.

Vladimir has been a professional photographer and videographer since 2005 and his work has been published in a large number of online publications, print magazines, and daily newspapers. 

Snorkeler swims below a wooden bridge in the Traun River, Austria

A fisherman and his catch, Gradac River, Serbia

Split selfie in Bled Lake, Slovenia

A motorbike from World War II on the SS Thistelgorm, Red Sea, Egypt

Schooling jacks prey on a baitball, Bonaire

Nemo in anemone is a common sight around the world, Red Sea, Egypt

Orthodox Church submerged in manmade freshwater lake, Gracanica, Serbia

Super-macro portrait of a shrimp in Cayman

Underwater fashion photography, Belgrade, Serbia

Portrait of a lizardfish, Bonaire

Reefscene, Bonaire

Vladimir Mladenovic

See more of Vladimir’s superb photography on his website, www.vladimirmladenovic.com.


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