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Photographer of the Week – Thomas Ozanne
By Joseph Tepper, December 13, 2018 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

A manta ray cruises by an unassuming whip coral 

There’s one image in underwater image-maker Thomas Ozanne’s portfolio that gives a bit of insight into his photographic philosophy. It’s that of a manta ray. But the manta isn’t really what’s emphasized in the competition—rather it’s the curly-q of a whip coral that leads the viewer’s eye to the ray.

Many of Thomas’ other images sneak up on you, so to speak. Yes, Thomas has many shots that wow you right away, but his nuanced compositions and lighting give the viewer a moment to take it all in. In our fleeting modern world, this extra time spent taking in a beautiful underwater photo—even if it’s just a split second—is, well, a beautiful thing. 

“I try to achieve clean, simple, and balanced compositions from these fleeting moments,” Thomas says of his underwater encounters. “I find the pursuit of these images to be a never-ending challenge—sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, often frustrating, but almost always satisfying.”

A beautiful reef scene swarmed with fish

School is in session

A freediver surfaces through a large school of fish

Thomas has used an open aperture to create a pleasing blur surrounding this blue ribbon eel

A decorated nudibranch shows off its plumage

A whale shark silhouette

Thomas captures the moment a massive manta swoops over his head

A free-swimming frogfish framed by a stark black background

An anemonefish takes a peek through its anemone home 

A small shrimp blends in perfectly with this purple pastel background

An abstract of a basket star is simple but powerful

Thomas and his friend: Snell’s Window

For more of Thomas’ work, visit his website, www.arewedreaming.com. You can also follow along his journey on his Instagram page


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