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Photographer of the Week – Nuno Vasco Rodrigues
By Daniel Norwood, April 11, 2019 @ 11:00 AM (EST)

Henslow’s swimming crabs in Berlengas, Portugal

Marine biologist, assistant scuba instructor, and accomplished underwater photographer—everything Nuno Vasco Rodrigues does is in some way connected to the ocean and its inhabitants. If not scuba diving, he might instead be found organizing themed exhibits in Europe’s largest aquarium, Portugal’s Oceanário de Lisboa, where he works as Assistant Curator, or writing scientific papers on fish ecology as part of his research for the Portuguese Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, MARE.

Nuno first discovered his passion for underwater photography while taking basic identification shots of fish for scientific purposes, and has since moved on to capture some captivating images of a variety of local marine life in the waters of mainland Portugal and the Azores. As a marine scientist concerned about the damage being wrought on the oceans, he is also keen to use his imagery to create awareness and contribute towards positive change.

Having visited six of the nine Azores Islands myself, I’m a huge fan of diving in this relatively unknown destination, and Nuno’s selection of images does a great job of showcasing some of its most iconic subjects. Blue sharks and groups of large manta rays are the stars of the show, but his portfolio also features other local regulars such as big, friendly dusky groupers and Almaco jacks—beautifully captured against a backdrop of deep, blue, clear water. Another reason to visit these pristine islands before the rest of the world finds out just how good they are!

Underwater forests in Peniche, Portugal

Almaco jacks patrol the Cordeca shipwreck in Porto Santo, Portugal

Stormy days at sea in Porto Santo, Portugal

A surprised swallowtail seaperch in Faial, Portugal

The Madeirense shipwreck, one of the artificial reefs in Porto Santo, Portugal

Dancing mantas in Santa Maria, Portugal

Trapped puffers in São Vicente, Cape Verde Islands

A blue shark and pilotfish get the high key treatment, Faial, Portugal

A territorial dusky grouper reaps the benefits of the Formigas Marine Protected Area in the Azores, Portugal

“Giant’s walkway” in Santa Maria, Portugal

Surface interval at one of the most remote places on Earth, Formigas Islets, Portugal

Nuno Vasco Rodrigues keeping a firm grip on his rig...

To see more of Nuno’s awesome images, check out his website, www.nunovascorodrigues.com, or keep track of him via Instagram.


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