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Photographer of the Week – Jeffrey Honda
By Joanna Lentini, February 22, 2018 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Fluorescing octopus, Lembeh, Indonesia 

Whether shooting underwater or topside, video or stills, Photographer of the Week Jeffrey Honda has a true talent for capturing the natural world with his camera. His affinity for underwater imagery was first evident to me a few years back on Little Cayman. Whilst on our first dive together, I found Honda sporting a blue camo wetsuit, spellbound by the macro critter he was filming, with his housing propped up on a tripod. As I continued on with my dive, I caught glimpses of him still in the same position—glued to his viewfinder.

I don’t believe I ever did see the footage he shot that day, but the dedication I saw from him was remarkable, and I knew whatever he shot was likely very well executed. The stunning images in this feature are a testament to Honda’s dynamic skill set. When shooting, he employs a variety of techniques such as fluorescence, infrared, HDR and time-lapse photography and videography, which really makes his work stand out.

Interestingly, Honda began his journey into underwater photography and videography at the same time he started his journey into fatherhood. While he is based in Monterey, California, he has traveled great distances in pursuit of his passion. Along the way, he has discovered he is intrigued by the many different scenarios of “the beauty, struggle, and sacrifice that many life forms experience with parenthood on this planet.” His love of the ocean has rubbed off on his two boys, who have been inspired by the images he brings back to their terrestrial world. It is his hope to continue inspiring other children to care for, love, and protect our oceans.

Pulsating lion’s mane jellyfish, Browning Pass, BC, Canada

 Infrared image of a sea nettle, Monterey, California, USA

Mother and calf manatees

Fluorescing seahorse, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Fluorescing tube anemone, Komodo, Indonesia

Juvenile frogfish, Lembeh, Indonesia

Sperm whales, Pod 7, blowing bubbles as they stop to rest. (Note: Photo was taken with a permit from the Dominican government)

Infrared image of a Caribbean reef shark 

Honda’s wife and two-year-old son watching the photographer from a pier in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles 

Stellar sea lion colony off Vancouver Island, Canada

Mother and calf humpback whales resting in the shallows in Tonga

Manta ray emerging from the dark in Kona, Hawaii

Jeffrey Honda and his boys

Check out more of Jeff’s awesome work on his website, www.jeffreyhondaphotography.com.


Ken Sutherland
Feb 22, 2018 3:14 PM
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