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Photographer of the Week – Igor Liberti
By Lia Barrett, June 16, 2016 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Perfecty aligned: William Trubridge at Dean’s Blue Hole in 2012

I think that one of the biggest honors that I have as the Photo Editor of DPG is that I get to not only pour over some of the most stunning images from the underwater world, but I also have the privilege of getting to know many of the accomplished individuals behind those photographs. From the jolly likes of, say, Daniel Botelho to the outspoken Allison Vitsky Sallmons and Tanya Houppermans of the industry, the range of backgrounds and personalities is expansive. But in twirling around in the scuba circuit, it is easy to miss some of the other pools of excellence, particularly freediving photographers like Igor Liberti.

Igor has been on the competitive freediving circuit for several years, filming and documenting the world’s best freedivers. His images and film clips have been featured in top publications around the world as his peers keep smashing through their own records, reaching depths well below 100 meters. And though this somewhat shy and very modest shooter, who goes by several pseudonyms on social media, barely promotes his name and work, you might recognize some of his increasingly iconic images of Dean’s Blue Hole, William Trubridge and other super-humans who can hold their breath. Oh yeah, and he too shoots everything on breath-hold, making him a terribly annoying specimen of shooting talent!

Freediver Ashleigh Baird exploring the head springs at Ichetucknee State Park, Florida, 2016

Freediver Ashleigh Baird dropping into the blue hole at Ichetucknee Springs State Park, Florida, 2016

Freediver Jonathan Sunnex diving in a cave, Long Island, Bahamas, 2012

Local freediver Oronzo Bleve explores one of southern Italy’s many caves

Freediver Ashleigh Baird is silhouetted against blended layers of sky, water, and vegetation at Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park, 2016

Freediver Rémy Dubern swims with a tarpon at Dean’s Blue Hole, 2012

Freediver Brian Pucella ascends at the “Iggy Spot” at Dean’s Blue Hole, 2012

Igor isn’t beyond a quick selfie

To see more of Igor’s work, visit his website, www.igorliberti.blogspot.ch.


Nathan Diouris
Jul 6, 2016 6:01 AM
Nathan Diouris wrote:
Great !!
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