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Photographer of the Week – Alex Suh
By Lia Barrett, September 7, 2016 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

You might say that Photographer of the Week Alex Suh has an affinity for big animals, particularly sharks. I recently had the privilege of visiting Alex’s house in California and was struck by all of the shark art that adorns his home. From metal prints of his encounters to sculptures he’s had commissioned to gifts from fellow shooters, Alex fills his non-work life with his passion for the ocean. 

Yet what probably strikes me most about Alex is that he wants to share his adventures and love for the ocean with all who are interested. There are no elbows up around animals so that he can get the shot or competitive ego in his approach, but rather an all-inclusive embrace of anyone who wants to share in the experience. But somehow, amidst his thoughtfulness, he gets his time in with the animals, as is evident from his images.

Interactive, bold and exciting are how I would describe both his photographs and his personality. Whether it’s white sharks off of Guadalupe or tigers and hammers in the Bahamas, his enjoyment seems to shine through his pixels. So if you are ever lucky enough to find Mr. Suh on your dive boat, be prepared to make a new, inspiring dive buddy and friend whom you’ll want to learn from and explore with for many years to come.

Over-under shot of a great white and the rugged terrain of Guadalupe

Manta ray and diver at La Roca Partida, Mexico

Tiger shark and reef shark swimming side by side in the Bahamas

Hammerhead with mouth open off of Jupiter, Florida

Whale shark off of Isla Mujeres

Jake Sea Plane, a Japanese seaplane wreck off of Palau

A large school of yellowtail snapper off of Phuket, Thailand

Alex with a blue shark

To see more of Alex’s work, visit his website, www.divewet.com.


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