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Snapshot - Nicholas Samaras
By Nicholas Samaras, September 18, 2013 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Underwater photography for us is much more than shutter speeds and strobes. It’s also about the people behind the lens—their quirks, dreams and compulsions.

That’s why we started our “Snapshot” column, to give out readers an inside peek at the personalities of the top underwater shooters. This month, we talked with Greece’s Nicholas Samaras from everything about being underwater paparazzi to the impossible choice between choosing blondes or brunettes (you’ll have to read on to get that reference…)

Camera: Cannon EOS 5D Mark II.
“I consider my self an non-negotiable Canon photographer”

Housing: Sea & Sea.
“The first one I got drowned in my bath tub after a shooting and I just had to get the new one and upgrade the camera too. So, sad stories to end with new toys!”

Latest Underwater Photo Obsession: Swimmers.
“Last month I took a break from marine animals and got into the pool to catch the best moment of swimmer’s movement. Swimmers are definitely top models of underwater photography.”

Bane of Your Photographic Existence: Having the wrong setup.
“That’s easy to answer: When I have the wrong setup in an unknown diving spot, where I don’t know what to expect. I’ll set up for macro and see whale sharks. This always sucks!”

Favorite (current) Shot: Seahorse in seagrass with a sunball behind him.
“It was a once in a lifetime synthesis, a perfect composition.”

Next Destination: The Bahamas.
“Sharks, wrecks, reefs, dream visibility—can’t wait.”

Long Flight Entertainment: Movies, movies and more movies. “Endless list of movies to choose even before their official premier in Greece. I just hope popcorn and sodas are also on the menu.” 

Guilty Underwater Photo Pleasure: Paparazzi photos of marine life.
“Photographing eating, mating, giving birth—we photographers are sometimes rude and annoying, but those photographs are the best.”

Your Inspiration: Inspiration comes in the dive.
“While diving, my sight turns to “frame mode” and I see the artwork before the click; positioning myself where my subject is framed like a painting.”

Wide-angle or Macro: An impossible choice.
“It’s like asking a man if prefers blondes or brunettes.”

Dream Destination: Galapagos, for sure.
“This place is a paradise for underwater photographers. Dive there and you’ll return with a complete portfolio of a ton of marine animals.”



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