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Photographers of the Week – Alex Roubaud and Alex Voyer
By Lia Barrett, September 3, 2015 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

The camaraderie that comes from sharing the ocean with friends and fellow divers is one of the greatest joys of snapping underwater images. True, sometimes you don't have a choice as to who your buddy du jour is; however, instant bonds can still be made over underwater encounters. But when it comes to freediving, a buddy is more than a mere companion and back-up air source. No, a buddy is a watchful eye, an incredibly important point of safety, and when all that is said and done, a really great model. And sometimes, where skill, breath-hold, and a photographer's eye intersect, you end up with a dynamite duo such as Photographers of the Week, Alex Roubaud and Alex Voyer.

Photographing blue sharks in the Azores

Alex and Alex have been diving for 10 years. Having traveled with and been in the water with some of the great freedivers, scientists, and underwater photographers of the world, these two friends have, in their words, been injected with a “virus” for the ocean. They have come up with a working system—as freedivers must do in order to provide safety for one another—of alternating dives, so that they can keep an eye on the individual who is submerged. In their experience, having fewer divers around the animals also makes for a more intimate experience, and a less stressful situation. And because they view their work as a team effort, one Alex’s phenomenal image is a victory for the other!

A pod of penguins fishing krill, Antarctica

Freediving along icebergs, Antarctica

A leopard seal bares its teeth, Antarctica

A sperm whale encounter in the Indian Ocean

Monofin training in Paris’ most beautiful swimming pool, France

A no-fin freediving session at Aqua 92, a 20-meter-deep pool close to Paris, France

A finswimming race, Marseille, France

Sled diving at a shipwreck in Mauritius

Swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea

To see more of Alex and Alex’s work, visit their website, www.fisheyes.fr, or check out their Facebook page.


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