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Photographer of the Week – Tomas Kotouc
By Lia Barrett, June 23, 2016 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

If you’re looking for a little pelagic magic inspiration in your life, look no further than Photographer of the Week, Tomas Kotouc. After scanning his portfolio, you kind of get the sense that if you were to rattle off your bucket list of big animals in conversation with Tomas, that he would be that guy who could say, “Been there, seen that,” to most your dream animals. 

But, pangs of jealousy aside, this pelagic ambassador has clearly veered off the path of luxury and ease. Having packed his gear and lugged to it over choppy waters to reach Cocos, Malpelo and the Galápagos to fight currents and cold waters, his efforts prove worthy as one looks at his revealing moments with some of the world’s most threatened and elusive giants. And because most of us will never see half of what Tomas has encountered in person, it is fortunate that he takes such incredible photographs and shares them with the world.

A cloud of silky sharks off of Malpelo, Colombia

A close-up of a broadnose sevengill shark, South Africa

A southern right whale captured off the coast of Argentina

Humpback whales, Tonga

A large sunfish, Azores

A smalltooth shark off of Malpelo, Colombia

Schooling ribbon sweetlips, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Surrounded by millions of jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake, Palau

To see more of Tomas’ work, check out his website: www.tethys.cz.


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