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Photographer of the Week – Nuno Sá
By Joseph Tepper, February 13, 2015 @ 05:00 AM (EST)

Some underwater photographers live by the motto “Go Big, or Go Home.” Not Nuno Sá—he prefers, “Go Big, or Go Even Bigger.”

Nuno is blessed to live in one of the best destinations for photographing big animals and rare pelagic life. For the rest of us, diving locally pretty much means poor visibility and a seemingly barren wasteland. But living in the Azores, Nuno’s “local dives” often bring him face to face with whale sharks, blue sharks, basking sharks and mako sharks.

Even when he’s not in the Azores (but really, why leave?), Nuno always seems to be chasing after the next adrenaline-pumping encounter with the ocean’s toothiest predator, like diving with tiger sharks and great hammerheads in the Bahamas. It seems safe to say, if there’s a shark around, Nuno is probably not too far away.

A whale shark cruises through a baitball at Santa Maria Island, Azores

A reef shark checks out Nuno’s camera during a night dive in the Bahamas (Fish Tales site)

A massive tiger shark swims through the clear waters of Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Divers stare in awe at the power of the tiger shark


“If I had to choose two places that really impress me when it comes to shark diving, I would choose my home town of the Azores and the Bahamas,” explains Nuno. “In the Azores, every single shark dive—be it blue, mako or whale—is done in high seas, with crystal-clear blue water and with the seabed hundreds, or thousands, of meters beneath you. The Bahamas is the exact opposite, with shallow waters and a white sandy bottom even when you are 40 miles from the coast on a liveaboard.”

Great hammerhead sharks can grow up to 15 feet and can be photographed in Bimini, Bahamas

A basking shark in the Azores opens its mouth to filter-feed

Up close and personal with a blue shark at Pico Island, Azores

Head on: A bus-sized whale shark, flanked by other fish, heads right for Nuno

Nuno takes a moment for a selfie

For more of Nuno’s work, check out his website or download the free iPhone/iPad App for his photography.



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