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Photographer of the Week – Andrey Narchuk
By Lia Barrett, June 2, 2016 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

There are a few underwater photographers out there who seem to have a knack for finding their way into the epicenter of action. Of course, this comes from experience with, and observation of, animal behavior, but some just seem more touched by the sea gods than others. Whether it’s swirling in a riverbed with spawning salmon or happening upon a huge school of jacks under your boat just waiting to be caught in a split shot, some folks just have all the luck. 

But I am very wary that the luck argument is a bit like someone saying, “If I only had a better camera, I’d be taking amazing images just like the pros”—a school of thought many underwater photographers seem to love. Yes, finding the sweet spot of the action underwater really is all about skill, experience and an eye for anticipating what is yet to occur. And looking at Photographer of the Week, Andrey Narchuk’s work, I imagine he’s gotten both the camera comments as well as accusations that he’s lucky. But what Andrey also adds to his ability to interact with wildlife is a wonderful sense of the moment, an eye for detail, and a range that even many with the most expensive cameras in the world could never accomplish.

A school of jacks under the dive boat, Balicasag, Philippines

Spawning salmon off the Commander Islands in the Russian Far East

Lionfish in a canyon off Dahab, Egypt

Whitetips at Bega Lagoon, Fiji

The eye of a parrotfish in Sipadan, Malaysia

A freediver explores the reef in Dahab, Egypt

A squid on a night dive off Dahab, Egypt

A Denise’s pygmy seahorse, Kabilao, Philippines

To see more of Andrey’s work, visit his website, www.narchuk.com.


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