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Aunoc 1CR LED Light
 January 7, 2009 @ 02:00 AM (EST)

The Aunoc 1CR LED light is most likely the smallest dive/focus light I have seen so far, and for it's size it packs a pretty strong punch.

This light has become a staple in my dive bag and goes in my pocket every time I'm walking around a dive resort or beach at night. At 3 inches long and only 2.5 ounces,  it is super convinient and really is more powerful than some of the larger lights that I used to use. Powered by a CR123 lithium battery, the single high power LED bulb will run for 4.5 hours.

Underwater, this durable aluminum alloy 6061 HA III mil light is rated to 240 meters - yes you read that right, meters. So when you're ready to take that last dive of your life, you'll be able to take this little baby with you to see what's down there.

As far as photography is concerned, you can feasibly use the Aunoc 1CR as a focus light with some modification. Attaching the 1CR to your rig is easy, and you can do so with adapters or in whatever makeshift fashion you may normally use. Although the light is bright enough to be a focus light, it does have a fairly concentrated beam and therefore a homemade diffuser would be needed. To test this theory, I handheld a piece of translucent plastic in front of the light and my camera was indeed still able to auto-focus. I can't say that this will become my primary focus light, but it now has a firm place in my dive bag and comes along in my BC pocket on every dive as my backup. If you are looking for a small, convenient focus light (and one that will not add to the checked baggae limit problems we all have to deal with), you may want to give the Aunoc 1CR a try.

I look forward to testing Aunoc's two other lighting products, which you can see below.


Aunoc 1CR Dive Light
Aunoc 1CR



Aunoc 3Ten Dive Light
Aunoc 3Ten



Aunoc 10W HID Canister
Aunoc 10W HID Canister


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