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Supercharger Battery Pack for Retra Flash Announced
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, June 8, 2020 @ 08:00 PM (EST)

Retra has unveiled a new battery pack for their Flash PRO and Flash Prime strobes. Appropriately named the Supercharger, the battery pack reduces recycle time by more than half and gives you more than double the number of flashes per charge. With the Supercharger (and eneloop pro batteries), recycle time to 80% power is about 1.5 seconds (compared to around 3 seconds without) and you can fire the flash about 350 times at full power (versus approximately 150 times without).

According to Retra, the mounting of the Supercharger to the strobe is “super robust”—so much so that the photographer can “hold onto the Supercharger when adjusting the flashgun underwater.” Double O-ring seals ensure peace of mind. Like the flash itself, the Supercharger takes four AA batteries, for a total of eight.

The Supercharger is priced at €239 (ex. VAT), but if you pre-order from Retra now, you pay only €199 (ex. VAT). You can also pre-order the Flash PRO and Supercharger together for €1,029 (ex. VAT) and save €100. Retra will extend your Flash Prime or PRO warranty by six months when you purchase the Supercharger. You can also purchase the Supercharger from Backscatter at the sale price of $230.

Users of the original Retra Flash should note that the Supercharger is not compatible with their strobe: The Supercharger can only be used with the latest Flash Prime and Flash PRO.

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Introducing the Supercharger

Supercharge your Retra Flash

The new Retra Flash PRO and Prime are capable of much more with the new Supercharger.

Recycle time is reduced by more than 50% and the autonomy is doubled. 

By purchasing the Supercharger your Warranty for the Retra Flash Prime or PRO will be extended by 6 months.

Tech-spec highlights:

  • Recycle time at 40% power: ~0,7s*
  • Number of flashes at 50% power: 700+*
  • Complete assembly weight: 1150g*

*with Retra Flash PRO, 8x eneloop pro

The Supercharger works with additional 4x AA batteries for a total of 8x AA batteries to power your Retra Flash PRO or Prime.

The voltage of the battery compartment is doubled and the recycle time is reduced by more than 50% due to higher efficiency of energy transfer.

The autonomy is more than double as well.

Never miss a shot with the Supercharger. The shortened recycle time will help illuminate more images during rapid photo sequences.

Double o-ring sealing on all surfaces and a super robust mounting system.

The Supercharger is designed with extra care to the sealing surfaces ensuring a peace of mind during usage in the field. 

Once mounted the Supercharger is very compact and the construction is robust. The photographer can hold onto the Supercharger when adjusting the flashgun underwater.

By purchasing the Supercharger the Warranty of your Retra Flash Prime or PRO is extended by 6 months to a total of 2.5 years. 

TECH-SPEC Retra Flash PRO With Supercharger
Recycle time to 40% power: ~1.5 s ~0.7 s
Recycle time to 80% power: ~3 s ~1.5 s
Number of flash at full power: 150+ 350+
Number of flash at half power: 300+ 700+
Weight (with eneloop pro batteries and 1" Mounting ball): 910g 1150g


Pre-order your Supercharger today and save up to €100 on a package deal.



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