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Solmar V Responds to Viral Great White Video
By Joseph Tepper, October 18, 2016 @ 11:54 AM (EST)

Usually when we see sharks (especially great whites) appear in mainstream news coverage, it is often a sensationalized account of a relatively benign moment. But a new video of a great white getting into a cage off of Guadalupe has resonated even in the dive community.

A videographer captured the intense moment on a recent trip aboard the Solmar V liveaboard. In the video, a great white is seen following bait up to the cage and then somehow getting inside amidst water splashing anywhere.

At first it is unclear whether anyone is in the cage, or if they are in danger. As it turns out, there was a sole diver in the cage, who the videographer describes as an experienced “dive instructor.”

Fortunately, this diver is able to stay at the bottom of the cage until the great white works its way out—and emerges without a scratch. The diver, identified by the New York Times as Chan Ming, from Shanghai, didn’t have enough time to get a photo during the ordeal.

“Honestly at that moment I don’t have time to get afraid,” he told the Times. “Because the shark is coming, a very sharp moment, two seconds.”

The operator, Solmar V, has a long history of conducting safe cage encounters, but has released a short statement to calm any worries in the dive community and beyond.

“A shark swimming at high speed grabbed one of the baits and continued to unable to avoid hitting one of the cages in the window area and breaking the top part of that side. This enabled the shark to enter the cage, at which time our crew immediately jumped into action opening the top exit of the cage and enabling the shark to exit,” the statement reads in part.

It continues with the following: “Our main priority is to offer unique life experiences, while ensuring the well being of both divers and wildlife; while at the same time working for the preservation of our marine resources.”

The statement also says that the cages have been inspected—and “no bait” zones will be extended around the cages. Operators will meet later this month to minimize the risk of future incidents.

If you are looking to go cage diving and have a safe experience while also taking some sweet snaps, check out our “Guide to Shark Cage Diving Photogrpahy.”




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