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Siren Fleet Tragically Loses Mandarin Siren To Fire -- Nobody Injured
By Matt J. Weiss, January 4, 2012 @ 12:55 PM (EST)

Some sad news came our way earlier this week. Worldwide Dive and Sail's Siren Fleet, one of DPG's favorite set of liveaboards, lost the Mandarin Siren recently to a fire. Thankfully, the guests were not onboard, and nobody was injured. Here is the official statement from Worldwide Dive and Sail.

“We are very sad to have to announce a tragic incident on the S/Y Mandarin Siren.

While the exact details of the event are still somewhat unclear, what we do know is that a fire broke out below decks while the guests were on a morning dive in the Raja Ampat region. The origin of the fire is not yet fully confirmed but we believe that it was caused by an electrical fault of the tumble dryer in the laundry room and quickly spread to the engine room. Guests were not aboard at the time and therefore were never in any danger. The crew did everything they could but in the end were unable to contain the blaze and were forced to abandon the vessel which was subsequently lost. No one was hurt in the accident and for that we are incredibly grateful -- no matter how great the loss to us it could have been very much worse.

Our other Indonesian vessel, the S/Y Indo Siren, was very near at the time of the accident and steamed immediately to pick up the guests and crew from the tender. A speedboat was immediately dispatched from Sorong to pick everyone up from the S/Y Indo Siren and return them as quickly as possible to Sorong where they were provided with fresh clothing, accommodation and assistance from our staff. The next day they were flown to Jakarta where fleet owner Frank and the team in Indonesia were there to meet them. All the guests were assisted in obtaining emergency travel documents and re-arranging travel and they subsequently flew home to be with their families over New Year.
For all of us at Worldwide Dive and Sail this is a shock and a great loss, but as said above it could have been very much worse. We are very thankful that none of the guests or the crew were injured or worse.

Thank you very much indeed for your concern and also many thanks to everyone else who has sent their condolences in the past days.”



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