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Shark Fin Soup? Not On Our Menu
By Jason Heller, April 24, 2009 @ 01:00 AM (EST)

We all know how important shark conservation is - we've heard it a million times. Unfortunately most shark conservation efforts are excellent at preaching to the converted and need to focus more energy on impacting the average person - those unaware of the plight of the world's sharks, and most important influencing governments. So I am hoping to see more efforts breaking out of the echo chamber.  On that note, I am really impressed by  a high quality video recently produced by The Underwater Channel in an effort to draw more attention to the evils of shark finning and the consumption of shark fin soup in particular. It would be groundbreaking if an NGO could fund the airing of this clip as a public service announcement spot on television, but for now the video's purpose is to urge people to sign a petition against shark-finning, which will be presented to the UN Secretary General on world Ocean Day (June 8th) requesting that member states be made aware of the threats to sharks and encouraged to put in place effective legislation to stop shark-finning, or more effectively police existing laws.

The video has been re-versioned in Japanese, Chinese and Malay.  It is in this part of the world, where Shark Fin Soup is so widely consumed, that the greatest concentration of persuasion needs to be focused. The best ambassadors in the Far East are the children of a culture where Shark Fin Soup remains the order of the day! In order to survive, sharks now need all the help they can get.

Several NGO's such as Sea Shepherd, WildAid, Shark Trust & Save Our Sea Foundation, have all rallied support behind the effort.

I tip my hat to this high end production, and the effort of Nicholas Claxton and The Underwater Channel. Every effort helps.

Please take a moment to sign the petition today.



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margo sanchez
Apr 24, 2009 12:34 PM
margo sanchez wrote:
I am impressed with this video...too bad we can't get it on ABC, CBS, FOX etc. It has the right impact!
Jason Heller
Apr 24, 2009 12:54 PM
Jason Heller wrote:
I agree. The production quality is exceptionally outstanding.

Like I said above, too bad it's not being used as a mainstream media PSA (public service announcement). Hopefully they are working with one of the NGO's to make it part of one of the their campaigns that have PSA support.
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