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SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Light
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, November 1, 2017 @ 11:00 AM (EST)

Following on from its Fluoro-Dual Beam light released in April, SeaLife is introducing a new handheld light for viewing fluorescing marine life. Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro—on display for the first time at this year’s DEMA Show—features the same LED and filter technology as its larger sibling.

Like the Fluoro-Dual Beam, the Mini Fluoro features a special dichroic filter that tunes the light from the LED to the optimal wavelength for exciting the subject and revealing the most vibrant fluorescent colors. Included with the light is a yellow barrier filter, which goes over the diver’s mask, to remove excess blue light and maximize the fluoro viewing experience. (To photograph the effect, a yellow barrier filter, purchased separately, has to be placed in front of your lens.)

The Mini Fluoro offers 7 Watt/M² brightness at full power, which SeaLife says is sufficient for exciting fluorescence on night dives as well as when there’s daylight. The single button on the top of the light cycles through the three output levels: full, half and quarter power, with burn times of two, four and eight hours, respectively.

The Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro (with mask filter) ships in November for an MSRP of $160.


SeaLife Launches Handheld Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Underwater Light

Orlando, FL - SeaLife, in collaboration with Fire Dive Gear, is introducing the new Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro light at the DEMA (Dive Equipment & Marketing Association) tradeshow. Featuring the same LED and filter technology as the full-size Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam, the Mini Fluoro emits a powerful blue light beam and adds an integrated dichroic filter creating the optimal light wavelength to “excite” underwater life.  

Here’s how fluorescence works to give underwater viewers an incredible underwater light show: When energy emitted from the Fluoro light strikes an atom on the surface of an underwater marine organism, it knocks an electron up to a higher energy state. When the electron decays back to its normal state (usually instantly, after a few nanoseconds), it emits a photon of light (in the visible, lower energy part of the color spectrum). In much simpler terms; when illuminating marine life with the Mini Fluoro’s light a colorful energy reaction is created and the sea creature emits its own light.

The compact, handheld Fluoro light uses a blue LED and a special mirrored “dichroic” filter to pinpoint the light wavelength needed for an optimal energy, or light response. The light also includes a Yellow mask barrier filter, which eliminates excess blue light remaining in the viewing area and maximizing the fluoro viewing effect. “The Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro’s compact size and affordable price makes it ideal for anyone to explore the marvels of underwater fluorescence,” said Bjorn Harms, SeaLIfe’s VP and lead product developer. “It’s also the perfect light for dive operators to run nighttime fluoro dives and equip everyone in the group with a Mini Fluoro light and barrier filter,” he added.

The Mini Fluoro light boasts an impressive 7 Watt/M² brightness at full power, more than enough to get a spectacular display of color, and while Fluoro diving and viewing is most visible at night, the light is certainly effective in daylight. Unlike UV lights, Mini Fluoro is powerful, but not harmful to human eyes or those of sea creatures.

The light runs for 8 hours on one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion 3400mAh battery at quarter power or 2 hours at full power. Two single-use CR123 may also be used with 4 hour run time at quarter power and 1 hour at full power. The battery grip features an integrated safety pressure release valve that relieves internal pressure built-up in the vent the battery becomes damaged. The light is sold with or without batteries.

The Mini Fluoro light is constructed of an anodized aluminum machined body for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The dual O-ring design ensures reliable waterproof seal down to depths of 330ft/100m.

Featuring simple one button operation, the Mini Fluoro can cycle through three brightness levels, 100%, 50% and 25% brightness.

The Mini Fluoro light includes the universal mask Barrier filter with protective cover, lanyard with BCD clip, two spare O-rings and O-ring lube.

The Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro will be available for shipment in November of 2017.

Item Description US Retail
SL655 Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro & Mask Filter $159.95



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