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SeaLife Announces Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Photo-Video-Dive Light
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, November 6, 2016 @ 01:30 AM (EST)

SeaLife has announced that it will be unveiling their new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Photo-Video-Dive at this year’s DEMA Show. As the name suggests, the Sea Dragon 2300 boasts 2,300 lumens, which is delivered in a wide 100-degree beam.

As well as the traditional manual brightness settings—full, half, and quarter power—the light offers an Auto Bright Mode that adjusts output automatically depending on the distance from the subject. Pointed at a wide-angle scene, the light adjusts to full brightness, while pointed at your dive computer at close range, power is automatically reduced to 10 percent. A second automatic mode, Auto Flash Detect Mode, enables the light to detect the flash from a strobe, which briefly turns the light off. Like the other lights in SeaLife’s range, the 2300 head features the company’s Flex-Connect mount, making it literally a snap to assemble a kit comprising tray, grips, and arms.

The light head will retail for $349.95, and will also be available in two different sets: a $399.95 kit with Flex-Connect Grip and Single Tray, and a $699.95 bundle with Sea Dragon Flash, two Flex-Connect Grips and Dual Tray. Find out more in the press release below.


SeaLife® Announces New Sea Dragon® 2300 Auto Photo-Video-Dive Light

Moorestown, NJ – SeaLife is introducing their new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Photo-Video-Dive at the upcoming DEMA (Dive Equipment & Marketing Association) tradeshow. The 2300 Auto features 2300 true lumens of brightness and an ideal color temperature ranging between 5000k and 6000k, with a wide 100° beam angle. The new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto also offers two unique features, Auto Brightness Mode and Auto Flash Detect Mode, to enhance your underwater diving and imaging experience.

Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Photo/Video/Dive Light Kit (SL674)

With the 2300 Auto’s built-in photocell sensor, the Auto Bright Mode automatically dims the light from 100% to 10% depending on distance, this will preserve your eyes’ natural low light vision and also the battery life. From the four brightness options, simply select the Auto feature and the light will regulate brightness based on proximity between the light and the object. If pointed at a close range like a gauge or a computer, the light will dim to a 10% brightness, and when directing the light long distance it will automatically adjust the light to full power. This feature can be easily over-ridden by selecting a different brightness option of 100%, 50%, or 25%.   

The Sea Dragon 2300 Auto also includes Auto Flash Detect Mode for underwater still-image photographers, which turns the light off for two seconds when an external flash is detected to eliminate undesirable shadows, color shifts and backscatter.

Powered by a rechargeable 7.4 lithium-ion battery, the light burns for a full hour at constant brightness and full power with its new 6x CREE XP-L LEDs, and can quickly adjust between four brightness options: 100%, 50%, 25%, and Auto with its single button operation.

The Sea Dragon 2300 Auto is depth rated down to 330ft/100m. The dual O-ring battery compartment is completely sealed and independent from the Sea Dragon’s electronics, so the light will not be compromised if there is accidental water intrusion.

Similar to all Sea Dragon Photo/Video/Dive Lights, the 2300 Auto can easily be expanded with Flex-Connect Arms, Grips, and Trays. Sea Dragon lights are universal and can be easily mounted to any camera or arm system using an optional Flex-Connect ball mount adapter (SL995). SeaLife also offers a cold shoe mount for the Sea Dragon (SL991). SeaLife also offers a handle for handheld use (SL998).

Sea Dragon Duo 2300 Flash Set (SL964)

The Sea Dragon 2300 Auto will be available for shipment in mid-November 2016 at the following prices and configurations:

SL674 – Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Photo/Video/Dive Light Kit (Includes Grip and Single Tray) – $399.95
SL6740 – Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light Head – $349.95
SL964 – Sea Dragon Duo 2300 Flash Set (Includes Sea Dragon 2300 Auto, Sea Dragon Flash, 2 Flex-Connect Grips and Dual Tray) – $699.95

About SeaLife:

SeaLife Underwater Cameras are made by Pioneer Research in Moorestown, NJ and were first introduced in 1993. In 2000, SeaLife developed the world’s first digital underwater camera. In 2007, SeaLife developed the first non-housed digital underwater camera, and in 2013 SeaLife introduced the powerful Sea Dragon Lighting system and its innovative Flex-Connect tray, grip, arm and accessory system. By 2014, SeaLife introduced the Micro HD, the world’s first permanently sealed underwater camera. SeaLife cameras, lightings and accessories are sold and serviced in 64 countries around the world. For more information visit www.SeaLife-Cameras.com.





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