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Sea&Sea Announces Housing for the Nikon D850
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, November 13, 2017 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Sea&Sea has announced its new housing for the Nikon D850, which was shown off for the first time at the recent DEMA Show in Orlando. A new more-compact design has allowed the company to make the MDX-D850 about one-tenth lighter than the housing for the D810.

As usual for Sea&Sea, the machined aluminum housing features integrated handles, and controls are designed to be accessible when both hands are on the grips—with the most frequently used controls on the right-hand side. Users have the option of fitting the Optical YS Converter/N1, which converts the camera’s hot-shoe signal for use with optical strobes in TTL and manual modes. It’s also possible to add a Nikonos bulkhead for electrical connections.

At DEMA, Sea&Sea suggested that the housing would ship by the end of the year, but pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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Sea&Sea MDX-D850 Underwater Housing for Nikon D850
Its superior ergonomic design and standout range of optional accessories help you capture those optimal moments with the best image quality. The housing for Nikon D850.


Much lighter than previous housings

Using unprecedented precision machining, the dimensions of the housing are similar to those of the camera. In addition, the revised internal design has also helped reduce weight. The MDX-D850 is approximately 11% (350g/12.3oz) lighter than the previous MDX-D810 housing.


Various controls can be operated whilst holding the grips

Frequently used Main and Sub-Command dials are now located directly on the right side of the housing. ISO, REC and other camera functions can be operated by external levers whilst holding the grips. With the AF lock function, you can fix the focus point as required.


All the dials have a spring (damper) to prevent slip of the controls

All the dials have a spring (damper) to prevent slip of the controls even if the dimensions of the cameras are slightly different or even if gears or other parts wear out to some extent. 



Optical YS Converter/N1 can be built into the housing. Compatible with Optical YS Converter/N1 for MDX housing which converts the camera’s hot-shoe TTL signal to a light signal. Both TTL and manual strobe modes can be used and controlled from the housing using a Fiber-Optic Cable II.

* Fiber-Optic Cable ll is required when using the Optical YS Converter.

  • The Port Lock prevents the port from turning or loosening and the Port Lock lever is specifically located to avoid being unlocked accidentally.
  • The housing is equipped with a lens-lock release button which makes it possible to change lenses easily, without opening the housing.
  • The camera’s diopter adjustment dial can be operated from outside the housing. This feature is useful when two or more people with different eyesight use the housing.
  • Pulling out the Focus/Zoom Dial gives sufficient room inside the housing to easily accommodate larger diameter lenses.
  • All controls have luminescence stickers which glow in dark environment. 
  • Equipped with the Optical Viewfinder 0.5x as standard. Other optional viewfinders such as the VF180 1.2x, VF45 1.2x and Optical Viewfinder 0.8x can be used.
  • Sync Cord 2-pin Connector enables use of conventional hardwired Sync cable (Manual mode only).
  • Accessory port enables use of Leak Sentinel (vacuum sensor).
  • Equipped with two sacrificial zinc diodes (one on the front case and the other on the rear) to prevent electrolysis damage.
  • Built-in leak sensor immediately alerts you to water ingress.
  • Tripod screw mount is located on the centre underside of the housing.


MDX-D850 Housing

[Construction] Body: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (machined)
  Grip: corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy
[Depth rating] 100m / 330ft
[Dimensions (WxHxD)] 346 x 202 x 140 mm / 13.6 x 8.0 x  5.5 inches
[Weight] Approx. 2,850g / 101oz (Housing only)




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