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Nikon D5/D850/D500 Firmware Updates Bring CFexpress Card Support
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, December 3, 2020 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Nikon has released firmware updates for the D5, D850 and D500 that add support for CFexpress memory cards (Type B). The D850 and D500 both have an XQD card slot (in addition to their UHS-II SD card slot), which can also accept CFexpress-B cards. The D5 is available in two versions: one with dual CompactFlash slots and one with dual XQD slots. Nikon’s Z7 and Z6 full-frame mirrorless cameras received CFexpress firmware updates late last year.

While CFexpress theoretically boasts twice the throughput of XQD, the cameras writing the data are the same, so they may not be able to make use of the speed advantage of CFexpress. If you’re already using good quality XQD cards, switching to CFExpress cards is unlikely to make any perceptible difference. Unless you’re doing a lot of 4K recording or high-speed continuous shooting, it’s all rather academic anyway. 

The updates are now free to download:

Nikon D5 firmware version 1.40

  • Added support for Type B CFexpress memory cards. For more information, see the Nikon support website for your country or region.
  • Users can now choose the band (2.4 or 5 GHz) for the host SSID when connecting to wireless networks via a WT-6 or WT-5 wireless transmitter attached to the camera. The band is listed in Connection Wizard network-selection dialog and post-connection in the Network display.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented normal shutter release and caused an error to be displayed if all the following conditions were met during shooting in photo live view:
    • A Type E lens and a flash unit such as the SB-5000 were attached.
    • A shutter speed of 1/500 s or faster was selected with Auto FP High-Speed Sync enabled.
    • Single frame was selected for release mode, or  (Self-timer mode) was selected with the number of shots for Custom Setting c3 (Self-timer) set to 1.

Nikon D850 firmware version 1.20

  • Added supported for CFexpress cards (Type B). For more information, see the Nikon support website for your country or region.
  • Changed the default for Custom Setting b6 Center-weighted area from ⌀8 mm to ⌀12 mm.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • When shooting with the lens aperture ring rotated to maximum aperture on a non-CPU lens for which lens data had been supplied via Non-CPU lens data in the SETUP MENU, the camera would sometimes fail to display the correct aperture value in the monitor or record it to the Exif aperture value field for photographs taken with On (Mode 2) selected for Silent live view photography in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU.
    • When movie live view was output to an external recorder via HDMI, the R and L volume indicators in the camera monitor would show the reverse of the indicators for the HDMI device.
    • A portion of the display would dim during silent photography if all the following conditions were met:
      • On (Mode 1) selected for Silent live view photography in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU
      • Continuous low speed (CL) selected for release mode
      • 2 fps selected for Custom Setting d1 CL mode shooting speed in the CUSTOM SETTING MENU.
    • When a VR lens was attached, the camera would stop responding if all the following conditions were met:
      • Photo live view enabled
      • Shutter speed set to 1.3 s or slower
      • On selected for Long exposure NR in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU
      • On (series) or On (single photo) selected for HDR (high dynamic range) > HDR mode in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU
      • ON selected with the lens VR switch

Nikon D500 firmware version 1.30

  • Added supported for CFexpress cards (Type B). For more information, see the Nikon support website for your country or region.
  • Fixed an issue that caused both the Entire frame and Background only options for Custom Setting e3 Exposure comp. for flash in the CUSTOM SETTING MENU to produce the same results as Entire frame during flash photography.




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