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New Book: “Aqua” by Pietro Formis
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, April 19, 2019 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

Underwater shooter Pietro Formis has announced the availability of his new book Aqua: Underwater World Mysteries from June 5. The photographic book, which features 110 images over 128 pages, is divided into eight chapters that organize pictures according to different animal environments, characteristics and behaviors.

Aqua: Underwater World Mysteries is available in both Italian and English and is available to pre-order from the publisher at a discounted price of €27.20 ($30) until May 3, and thereafter for €34 ($38).


AQUA, Underwater World Mysteries by Pietro Formis
A photographic book dedicated to the underwater environments of Planet Earth

This publication is not only a collection of beautiful images but also an educational tool for raising awareness of the marine environment which, for many years now, has been suffering considerable damage due to pollution by humans activities.

The book’s purpose is to reveal, and to make known, lifeforms of particular interest that populate an environment accessible to just a few but of great importance for the planet’s ecosystem.

Knowledge of unique natural characteristics is the first step in the correct management and safeguard of the areas illustrated by the project.

A venture like this photographic volume can be a valuable tool for all those who want to discover or envisage, through unique images, the different aspects of a natural world of extraordinary beauty and remarkable features.

A selection of images from different places on the planet, from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, from the Indian Ocean to the tropical paradises of the coral triangle.

A journey through one ocean, populated by fantastic creatures with similar evolutionary behaviors and strategies.

Pietro presents a collection of impactful images revealing the most mysterious side of the subjects.

From the nocturnal images of magical creatures to the “little jewels” in macro-photography, to close focus wide-angle portraits.

The text is written by Pietro Formis with the collaboration of Emilio Mancuso (Istituto per gli Studi sul Mare di Milano) who wrote the “in-focus insights” about biological aspects for every chapter.


  • DARK: the inhabitants of night-time emerge from the darkness
  • LIGHT: crosses the water surface and illuminates caves in spectacular patterns. Light reveals and transforms sea creatures fascinating all who venture into the underwater world.
  • COLORS: red like a Spanish dancer, green like the fluorescent color of sea squirts, blue like the clear water of the sea.
  • FORM: creatures with bizarre silhouettes and abstract shapes, oddities and beauty in the underwater world.
  • LIFE: the beginnings of life, reproduction, and birth. (eggs, mating)
  • DEATH: predation and the natural cycle of life.
  • MASKS: incredible monsters, that are camouflaged to hunt or to escape predators, evolutionary masterpieces demonstrate their disguises.
  • SURVIVAL: man and nature. To survive, despite the impact of human activities and adaptation to them.

The volume Italian and English edition, with 2 different covers, presentation is scheduled on 5 June 2019 at Genoa Aquarium.

The book will be distributed to bookstores throughout the country (Italy) via companies affiliated to the publisher.

It will also be available on the e-commerce platforms of the publisher www.danielemarson.com and of distributors worldwide.



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