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My Funny Valentines: V-Day the DPG Way
By Joe Tepper, February 14, 2012 @ 09:00 AM (EST)

By Joe Tepper

Valentines Day might be a holiday for chocolates, flowers and cute teddy bears, but we here at DPG tend to be more in love things under the waves. Here are some of the underwater photography subjects that we are in love with this February 14:

1. Blennies: C’mon, don’t these guys just have a puppydog face? If they weren’t so darn small and squirmy we’d be tempted to hug them until their little eyes popped out. 

2. Sailfish: Sometimes being in love is all about the rush, and there’s no better rush than photographing sailfish soaring through the sea. Instead of dodging flying plates in a lovers spat, try avoiding a four-foot-long spear of one of the ocean’s fastest predators. 

3. Humpbacks: Nothing sets the mood for a romantic valentines day than the crooning tunes of a humpback whale. Swing along to the songs of these gentle giants and take a few snaps while you’re at it!

4. Penguins: They waddle. They swim. They fly (underwater). And they are awesome! After diving with the penguins of the Galapagos on a DPG expedition, we are definitely goo goo for these fine-feathered friends. 

5. Cuttlefish: They might as well be called “cuddle-fish.” If you don’t get a card or chocolates from the cuddle-fish in your life, its probably just waiting to show you their true colors in a vibrant display of affection.

6. Sharks: It’s hard to find an underwater photographer not fawning over the guys in the grey suits. This V-Day, give the greatest gift to your sharky friends by supporting the efforts of marine conservation groups. 

7. Ladybugs: They’re tiny and adorable on land, and turns out that they’re just as cute underwater! Unfortunately, they’re found only in the distant reaches of the Flores Sea surrounding Komodo, so it looks like it will have to be a long distance relationship.

8.  Homo Sapiens (AKA our significant others): Their looks may be laughable and unphotographable, but this Valentines Day let’s not forget our underwater models, dive buddies or significant others who refuse to even set foot on the boat. After all, without their support, how would we ever woo our underwater valentines?





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Matt J. Weiss
Feb 14, 2012 3:37 PM
Matt J. Weiss wrote:
Funny article, Joe! Happy V-day to Mother Ocean.
Ashley Hauck
Feb 22, 2012 3:33 PM
Ashley Hauck wrote:
Very fun post! My husband actually took me shark diving for Valentine's day!
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