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Inon Announces Updated 45-Degree Viewfinder for X-2 Housings
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, July 5, 2019 @ 11:00 AM (EST)

Inon has announced a modified version of its 45-degree viewfinder for the company’s X-2 housings. The modification makes it possible to attach an optional Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D], which is placed inside the viewfinder from the housing side and tightened with the supplied tool. The correction lens shifts the viewfinder diopter range by +1.5 diopters to assist users with long-sightedness or presbyopia.

The specifications, exterior, dimensions and price of the viewfinder remain same as for the earlier model, but the product name has now changed to “45° Viewfinder Unit II for X-2.”

The new version of the viewfinder is shipping now. Contact your Inon dealer for pricing.


45° Viewfinder Unit II for X-2

INON INC. is pleased to announce modification of current 45° Viewfinder Unit for X-2 enabling to attach an optional Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D] from July 5th, 2019 shipment.  Specification, exterior, dimensions and price of the viewfinder itself remain same as the current model.

• 45° Viewfinder Unit II for X-2  *Product name has been changed with “II”.

--Shipping date: July 5th, 2019
--JAN code: 456212143 930 6

• Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D] for 45VF-II/STVF-II

--Same as Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D] for STVF-II.  
*Product name, JAN code have been changed from July 5th, 2019 shipment.
--JAN code: 456212143 931 3

Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D] for 45VF-II/STVF-II

45° Viewfinder Unit II for X-2  Modification Detail

- Add female threads inside of housing side cylindrical part of the viewfinder enabling to attach optional Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D].

Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D] for 45VF-II/STVF-II  Features

- Optional accessory for 45° Viewfinder Unit II for X-2/Straight Viewfinder Unit II for X-2

- Add-on correction lens to shift +1.5 m-1(dpt) for those who are unable to adjust with camera’s viewfinder diopter adjustment range due to long sight or presbyopia.

For example, camera’s viewfinder diopter adjustment range of –3.0 to +1.0 m-1(dpt) will be –1.5 to 2.5m-1(dpt) at INON viewfinder with the Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D].

- The Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D] has to be installed before diving by drop it inside of the viewfinder from housing side and tighten it by packaged tool.

Tips for diopter adjustment

Under bright circumstance on land, human eye’s pupil shrinks making diopter adjustment easy as depth of field is deep while the adjusted viewfinder may not get perfect focus and hard to see viewfinder image when the pupil gets open in dark underwater as the depth of field gets shallow especially with presbyopic eyes due to deteriorated focusing function.

Though it varies among different individuals or age, it takes about 15 minutes to open pupils by dark adaption when we get dark underwater. So it would be recommended to conduct diopter adjustment in a dark room (darker than underwater) after staying there for 15 minutes when pupils open as like underwater enabling to get perfect focus of viewfinder image even underwater where pupils will open.

Since this diopter adjustment method works good enough, expensive diopter adjustment function on a viewfinder is not required.

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Christopher James wrote:
It makes the journey of photographers so much easier to achieve different angles of shots to suit their expertise. With the different add-ons, anything can be achieved at any given environment as well.
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