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Inon Announces Reflective Stickers for Strobes and LED Lights
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, February 10, 2020 @ 12:30 AM (EST)

Inon has announced two reflective stickers that attach to its light shades for the Z-330/D-200 strobes and various LED lights. The stickers go on the inner surface of the shade and are designed to bounce the light to create more even lighting.



Reflective Sticker

INON INC. is pleased to announce two types of Reflective Sticker released on January 29, 2020. One for Strobe Light Shade (comes with Z-330/D-200) and the other for Light Shade LF-EW (comes with LED lights including LF2400h-EW) to enable creative lighting using bounced strobe/LED light.

Reflective Sticker D/Z
--JAN code: 456212143 962 7

Reflective Sticker LF-EW
--JAN code: 456212143 963 4


The Reflective Sticker D/Z is to be attached on the inner surface of the Strobe Light Shade to bounce strobe light to provide even lighting.

The Reflective Sticker LF-EW is to be attached on the inner surface of the Light Shade LF-EW to bounce LED light to provide even lighting.

When shooting macro subject, the Reflective Sticker can add soft bounced indirect light (PAT.P).

Application example

Without Reflective Sticker
and Strobe Light Shade

With Reflective Sticker
on Strobe Light Shade

Above images show how the Reflective Sticker changes light distribution.

Another benefit using the Reflective Sticker is to deliver even light in confined area as like lit a subject from sides to prevent dark spot.

The Reflective Sticker is bundled in compatible products. One Reflective Sticker D/Z for Z-330/D-200 strobe and one Reflective Sticker LF-EW for LF2400h-EW, LF3100-EW, LF1100h-EWf and LF1300-EWf from January 29th, 2020 shipment.

*Press release information is as of January 24th, 2020 and subject to change without prior notice.



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