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Inon Announces Quick Holder System and Rotatable YS Mount
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, July 14, 2019 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

Inon has announced its “Quick Holder System,” which is designed to make it quick and easy to mount and remove compatible strobes, video lights, and action cameras. The company also announced the release of  its “Rotatable YS Extension Bar,” which provides a 360-degree swivel mount for various accessories.

The new system of quick-release holders and rotating mount are shipping now. Contact your local Inon dealer for pricing.


Quick Holder System, Rotatable YS Extension Bar

INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of Quick Holder System to support rapid installation/removable of compatible strobe, LED torch, action cam, and Rotatable YS Extension Bar on July14th, 2019.

“Quick Holder Set S-LE”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 942 9
“Quick Holder Set S-LF”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 943 6
“Quick Holder Set S-Z”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 941 2
“Quick Holder LE”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 939 9
“Quick Holder LF”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
-JAN Code: 456212143 940 5
“Quick Holder Z”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 938 2
“Quick Base S”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 936 8
“Quick Base M6W”
- Release date: July 14th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 937 5
“Rotatable YS Extension Bar”
- Release date: August 5th, 2019
- JAN Code: 456212143 944 3


Quick Holder System Feature

The Quick Holder System consists of “Quick Holder” to hold a strobe, LED torch etc., and “Quick Base” to attach the system on an arm product, and the Quick Holder can be removed from the Quick Base instantly by just pressing a lock button. The system is designed to offer easy locking/removal operation with selected materials in compact size. User friendly operation only with a single lock button to remove/attach compatible strobe/LED torch instantly from camera system benefits you in various scenes including battery replacement between dives, off-camera lighting to use an LED torch as a dive torch or for back lighting.

Quick Holder

A component part to attach on the compatible product equipping with female slide socket.  There are three different types depending on a product to use; “Quick Holder LE”, “Quick Holder LF” or “Quick Holder Z”.

  • “Quick Holder LE”
    - Compatible product: INON “LE series” LED torch including “LE700-S”, “LE700-W”, “LE350”, “LE550-S”, “LE550-W”, “LE250”, “LE240”

Left: “Quick Holder LE”. Right: ”Quick Holder LE” attached on the “LE700-S”

  • “Quick Holder LF”
    - Compatible product: INON “LF series” LED torch including “LF2400h-EW”, “LF1100h-EWf”, “LF650h-N”, “LF3100-EW”, “LF1300-EWf”, “LF800-N”, “LF2700-W”, “LF1100-W”, “LF1400-S”, “LF1000-S”

Left: “Quick Holder LF”. Right: “Quick Holder LF” attached on the “LF2400h-EW”

  • “Quick Holder Z”
    - Compatible product: INON strobes including “Z-330”, “D-200”, “S-2000”, “Z-240”, “D-2000”, “D-2000S”, “D-2000W/Wn”, and INON “SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7”, “SD Front Mask STD”, “SD Mount Base for TG-Tracker”, “SD Mount Base for UWH-1”

Left: “Quick Holder Z”. Center: “Quick Holder Z” installed on the “S-2000”. Right: “Quick Holder Z” installed on the “SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7”

“Quick Base”

Another component part of “Quick Holder System” to attach on YS type arm equipping with male slide socket. Two different types are available; “Quick Base S” carrying one male slide socket or “Quick Base M6W” carrying two of male slide sockets.

“Quick Base S” can hold one Quick Holder

“Quick Base M6W” can hold a strobe or action cam compatible Front Mask product and Quick Holder product(s) at side male slide sockets

“S-2000” strobe and 2 x LED torches installed on the “Quick Base M6W”

“Quick Holder Set”

A set of “Quick Holder” and “Quick Base”. Recommended for those first use Quick Holder System. Compatible strobe, LED torch etc. are same as “Quick Holder” type.

Rotatable YS Extension Bar Feature

Attached in between INON “Shoe Base II” and strobe or LED torch to enhance flexibility of lighting thanks to its rotatable body part.

360 degree rotatable body

An LED torch installed via “Rotatable YS Extension Bar”



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