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Inon Unveils New Z-330 Strobe in Pre-release Announcement
By Joseph Tepper, November 25, 2017 @ 11:19 AM (EST)

What a time to be a strobe fanatic. You have Sea & Sea’s recently updated YS-D2Js. And then there’s the radically new Retra strobe. And now, Inon is getting into the (flash) ring with the announcement of their new strobe...

The Inon Z-330 Strobe

When Inon announced the stop in production of their popular Z-240 strobes in June, underwater photographers waited with bated breath for a replacement model. Six months later, we have begun to see leaks of information on the new strobe, which is named the Z-330.

The appearance of the strobe stays largely the same, apart from the new rotatable light shade that can eliminate backscatter and unwanted light hitting the user’s dome port. The big change is in power. The Z-330s have a listed guide number of 33, compared to the Z-240’s GN of 24 (hence, the naming change). The beam angle without added diffuser is 110 degrees.

We don’t know for sure, but it appears the interior design has been strengthened a bit to withstand the increased power output. “[The Z-330’s] robust and durable construction is designed against generated heat,” Inon rep Lisa Collins wrote in a Facebook post.

Other notable features include a 220-lumen built-in focus light and larger control knobs with phosphorescent labels for shooting in the dark.

In terms of availability, the same Facebook post claims that the Z-330s will begin shipping by the end of 2017 and that they are currently available for pre-order from Backscatter. Price hasn’t officially been announced, but we’ve sleuthed a bit and found some retailers have already listed the Z-330s for around $825. DPG hasn’t been able to confirm this pricing or availability yet.

Pre-order your Z-330 strobes here.

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