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Event Coverage: Lembeh-Gulen Critter Shootout 2016 – Round 1
By Sarah Wormald, May 25, 2016 @ 08:00 AM (EST)
Source: Lembeh-Gulen Critter Shootout

Nudibranch Round: (1st) Facelina bostoniensis, Luc Rooman (Team Gulen)

The first-ever international critter shootout, the Lembeh-Gulen Critter Shootout, is now well underway, with two teams of photographers battling it out from Lembeh Resort in Indonesia and Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.

“Team Lembeh” has well-known underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich with them to provide daily training, while “Team Gulen” is being headed up by leading pro shooter Keri Wilk. In each of three rounds, there is one training day followed by one competition day. At the end of each competition day, 12 images must be submitted by each team for online judging, which is taking place through the Lembeh-Gulen Critter Shootout Facebook page. For the first round, the challenge is nudibranchs.

The nudibranch round saw Team Gulen creep into the lead and the scoring now stands at 59% to 41% in their favour. The winning image was of Flabellina bostoniensis by Luc Rooman, giving Team Gulen a great start to the event. Joint second place was Wayne MacWilliams from Team Lembeh with his image of Flabellina rubrolineata.

The invertebrate round is going on now! Will Team Lembeh be able to claw back some much-needed points? The images are online now and open for voting until 10pm CET (5pm EST), May 25. Only one vote per person, so choose carefully. To vote, click here.

Nudibranch Round: (Joint 2nd) Flabellina rubrolineata, Wayne MacWilliams (Team Lembeh)

Nudibranch Round: (Joint 2nd) Flabellina pedata, Dag Leslie Hansen (Team Gulen)

This is the first time two resorts have coordinated a shootout from opposite sides of the globe, in different hemispheres, and demonstrating the differences between cold water and tropical water diving. On the Gulen side, it is all drysuits and weight belts, whilst their opponents try to beat the heat in Lembeh. Despite the huge difference in conditions, the images that have been generated by both teams beautifully showcase the highlights of diving in each of these unique locations.

The participants of the Lembeh-Gulen Critter Shootout 2016 are:

  • Team Lembeh (Lembeh Resort): Tobias Friedrich (Team Leader), Wayne MacWilliams, Nick More, Greg Sherman, Debbie and Jerry Arriaga, Martin Gerard and Rich Charlton
  • Team Gulen (Gulen Dive Resort): Keri Wilk (Team Leader), Luc Rooman, Dag Leslie Hansen, Thea Ingrid Olberg, Bjornar Nygard, Morten Bjorn Larsen, Johan Bjorklund, Rune Edvin Haldorsen, Atle Ove Martinussen and Einer Yohsuke Kosaka

The Lembeh-Gulen Critter Shootout main sponsors are World Wide Dive and Sail and Ursuit Drysuits. Other sponsors include Scuba Diver Australasia and Ocean Planet Magazine, Murex Dive Resorts, Selayar Dive Resort, i-DiveSite, Bali Scuba, and Fourth Element.

Nudibranch Round: (4th) Risbecia tryoni, Debbie Arriaga (Team Lembeh)

Nudibranch Round: (5th) Ceratosoma, Greg Sherman (Team Lembeh)



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