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DJI Introduces Mavic Pro, Foldable and Portable Camera Drone
By Joseph Tepper, September 28, 2016 @ 04:21 PM (EST)

Touché, DJI.

Just days after GoPro finally unveiled the much-rumored Karma, DJI has announced the Mavic Pro—a strong competitor in the foldable, ultra-portable camera drone market.

DJI claims that the new drone is the ultimate combination of power and portability—it can be held easily with one hand and folds up to the size of a standard water bottle.

But the small form factor doesn’t limit a lot of the specs. Here are the key ones: 4K camera, visual navigation system, a 4.3-mile range, 3-axis gimbal for stabilization, and 27-minute flight time. The range and flight time far outpace the GoPro Karma, which lasts 20 minutes and can only roam .62 miles away. It also can take DNG RAW images for those still photographers out there.

The camera features a virtual brain – with 5 cameras, GPS, ultrasonic rangefinders, redundant sensors and 24 computing cores – to make flying in advanced conditions possible even with limited flying practice.  

What really looks cool are all of the built-in controller modes. Headlining these modes is ActiveTrack, which tracks a subject automatically as it moves. There’s also a Terrain Follow mode (maintains height above ground) and Sport mode that speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

Finally, we are introduced to a new compact remote controller equipped with LCD screen and specific buttons. One such button is an automatic “return to home”—although if the drone loses contact on low power it will do this automatically.  You can also become completely immersed in the experience with DJI goggles, which provide an 85-degree HD view as you fly.

The DJI Mavic Pro becomes available on October 15th with a price of $749 (drone only). You can purchase the controller in a bundle for $999. More info can be found on the DJI website.





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Geko Dive Bali
Oct 20, 2016 12:04 AM
Geko Dive Bali wrote:
Can't wait to film my local area with this toy. <a href="https://gekodivebali.com/padang-bai/photo-galleries">Padang Bai, Bali aerial photography</a> shot with my old drone.
Canu Corbet
Dec 14, 2016 2:58 AM
Canu Corbet wrote:
good information
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