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Divemaster Scuba-Diving Game Released for Tablets
By Ian Seldrup, March 26, 2014 @ 06:25 PM (EST)
Source: Gyula Somogyi

Gyula Somogyi has launched Divemaster, a scuba-diving game for iOS and Android platforms that puts a group of virtual divers entirely under your command. Now you can be a real divemaster—from the comfort of your living room!

The idea of the game is to guide the divers under your control to the marine creatures they want to photograph. Every successful snap scores you tips that can be used to equip your divers with more gear and diving skills. One of coolest accolades you can pick up along the way, naturally, is “DivePhotoGuide”—if you manage to keep one of your divers alive long enough to take 25 photos in a row!

The best part: This highly addictive, visually stunning app is great for your kids, too—as the developers specifically avoided the depiction of violence in the game—so you can keep the youngsters entertained until they're old enough to try the real thing.

Below is the press release from the developer along with more images.



Divemaster – a real diving game from the divemaster’s seat available for the iPad

Gyula Somogyi, indie developer of Divemaster, a real scuba-diving game for tablets, has released the iOS and Android (Amazon) versions of the game. The casual simulator game is accompanied by a little universal arcade game, called Clumsy Treasure Scuba Diving, which is a spin-off game using the same character and environment in another gameplay setting.

The newly launched game, Divemaster was designed by indie developer Gyula Somogyi, multiple award-winning underwater filmmaker. The lack of “real” diving games for mobile devices inspired him to create a very casual looking but at the same time a very diver-friendly game. Simple game mechanics (2D line-drawing) accompanied by real diving physics and diving industry standard solutions put the players in control of dive groups of up to eight divers, simulating the job of a divemaster working at a diveboat, visiting tropical water reefs. The dream job of many people is now available to everyone!

Game Focus
The game focuses on the core activities of a divemaster: guiding divers under the water, showing them the amazing underwater world and animals. The player must connect the divers to those animals they wish to photograph. Each photo taken rewards the player with tips from the divers. Using these tips the divers can be upgraded by means of training and new equipment. Just like a real divemaster, the player must take good care of their divers: if they run out of air, they will die and the game will end.

There is no violence in the game—no animal shooting, no blood-packs. Beyond the core activities, players can remove dangerous waste from the water and receive environmental bonuses. This non-violent approach was applied from the very beginning of the design, promoting the responsible behavior of divers in the oceans.

Game Features
During the game, players explore the 31,000-pixel-wide hand-painted underwater terrain in eight different locations during 64 preset divegroups, starting at 15ft (5m) and going down more than 300ft (100m). Forty-seven carefully animated animals can be unlocked by completing the preset divegroups in Adventure mode. Endless game mode enhances the replay value of the game. Players can compete not only to fill their photo album, but for glory: Who is the best divemaster in our oceans?

The diveshop offers different upgrades, modeled on the diving industry: certification cards, tanks and special diving equipment for the in-game divers and additional skills for the player. Gamecenter leaderboards and achievements add further value to the gameplay. The game was developed on Unity3D.

App Links (iOS)
Divemaster (free, with ads): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/divemaster-real-diving-for/id451004667
Divemaster (US$2.99): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/divemaster/id803986247
Divemaster – Treasure Diving (free): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/divemaster-treasure-race/id813084911

App Links (Android)
Divemaster (US$2.99): www.amazon.com/DiveMaster-scuba-diving-sharks-dolphins/dp/B00IVI62FA
Divemaster – Treasure Diving (free): www.amazon.com/Precontinent-Games-Dolphin-Treasure-Diving/dp/B00IINUV46

Note: iPhone and Google Play versions coming soon

Game tutorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VMeWYEXhlU
Divemaster trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwFX6I_k0hc
Divemaster – Treasure Diving trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwIzQDnvCPs


About the Developer
Gyula Somogyi is an award-winning underwater filmmaker. His artistic short films have been awarded various prizes at independent underwater festivals from the USA to Russia. One such film, The Ships of Darkness, has been published on DVD and was critically acclaimed by many reviewers, selected for the 7th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles. Beyond filmmaking he focuses on game design.





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