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DEMA Coverage: Day 3
By Joseph Tepper, November 10, 2013 @ 02:30 AM (EST)


Seacam had  a prototype for a +10 diopter, which attach to Seacam macro ports with a friction fit, on display. There’s also an optional holder on Seacam arms and will eventually be stackable.

Housing envy? Yeah we had a case of that too when we saw the Seacam housing for Canon’s 1DX/1DC.

The eDiveCam is Epoque’s move to enter the ever-popular action camera market. The company boasts a full line of accessories and lights to compliment this compact HD camera.

Mangrove by Aditech is a line of prosumer video lights ranging from medium-sized self-contained units to massive, battery-pack required lights.

There were several new lights in the Mangrove lineup on display for DEMA 2013, including the VC4L6X and the MVS-8L12. The first is a 6500-lumen prosumer light with 2 output levels, while the second is powered by a battery pack and has a 120-degree field of view, making it perfect for wide-angle and cave videography.

There’s also the VC-1L, a 1000-lumen, compact video light designed for smaller cameras and action cams like the GoPro. The VC-1L comes with several mounting options, including 1-inch ball, flex arm and hand mount.


Beneath the Surface
Beneath the Surface sprang onto the scene three years ago with their innovative tray and arm systems. While BTS still makes a variety of configurations for both DSLRs and compacts, this DEMA it was all about GoPro trays.

BTS also unveiled new multigrip handles for the GoPro, which are unique in that they are designed to work both topside and underwater.

Beneath the Sea’s new fixed poles are super light and come in 18, 24 and 30-inch sizes. They’re ideal for attaching GoPro’s and other small point and shoots with just the addition of an adaptor.

Although not featuring any brand new housings at DEMA this year, we still always get a little envy looking at the SLR casings at the Subal booth—including the Nikon D7100, D600 and D800.

The prism viewfinder is ideal for photographing macro life with the LCD viewfinder, and can be self-installed by the user. It was announced earlier this year, but team Subal said that this accessory is now shipping.

We also got our video housing fix with their prototype housing for the Sony FS700 prosumer camcorder. The housing will come in two versions and colors: One depth rated to 200 feet and the other to 400 feet.

Big Blue
Lights, lights and more lights—that’s what was on tap at the Big Blue booth this DEMA.

1. AL900WP: This 900-lumen video light features four power settings and an increadibly diffuse, yet powerful output—intended for use with compact or GoPro cameras.
2. AL900XWP: 120-degree beam angle and 900 lumens makes this slight upgrade to the 900WP a strong candidate for your next GoPro light.
3. VL2500P: 2500 lumens at under $500 is what this light brings to the table. It also features a red light beam and 120-degree beam.
4. VL15000P: That’s right—it’s a 15,000-lumen bideo light with both wide and narrow beam options. Use with care (and possibly sun glasses).

The trend of action cams continued at Bonica, where they’ve paired the Sony action cam with a proprietary video light: 1000 lumens with an 85-degree beam angle.

Saga has burst onto the scene as an underwater photography accessory specialist. Here’s some of their latest accessories that caught our eye:

- New Macro Diopter: Made from optical glass, their 67mm threaded wet lens comes in +5, +10 and +15. The company claims to have all but eliminated chromatic aberrations.

-  Four-Inch Dome Port: It’s your mini-dome port with scratch resistant glass and an added twist. You can easily remove the dome hood with just a few twists of a hand-tightened screw.

- Extendable port: Think you need two ports for your 60/50mm and 105/100mm lenses? Think again. Saga’s extendable port slides out to accommodate lenses within this range, and even an internal diopter.

- Ring flash: This clever fiber optic ring flash makes lighting supermacro subjects only a few inches from your port fool proof.

Hugyfot had on display perhaps the most intense GoPro setup we’ve ever seen—complete with external battery power, a housed LED display, and dual video lights. GoPro taken to the next level.

We also got a look at the Hugyfot housing for the Canon 5D MKIII, which is now available.

Equinox is known for its line of housings for SLRs through cinema video capability cameras—but at this year’s DEMA, they’ve shrunk down to jump on board with a line of GoPro trays and accessories.

There polycarbonate GoPro tray retails for just over $60. You can even add an arm and a Big Blue video light and have your GoPro ready for action for under $170.

Equinox has also increased the size of the control knobs on their housings to make changing settings even easier in cold water, with gloves.

If you’re considering a switch over to a SLR housing from Equinox, you can now keep and use your existing dome port with their housings.



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