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Deepblu Announces Beta Launch of Deepblu 2.0
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, November 17, 2016 @ 12:00 PM (EST)

Deepblu, the makers of the digital dive log app for smartphones, has announced Deepblu 2.0—a social network specially designed for divers and ocean enthusiasts. The company’s digital dive logs lie at the heart of the platform, but Deepblu 2.0 will now include the much-loved core features—posting, commenting, sharing, and interacting—that are part of a social network.

Unveiled at DEMA, the new platform will be going live early next month, and will be accessible on your mobile device and your computer. Various features are promised, including a news aggregator for divers and an interactive map called “Planet Deepblu” showing dive sites with corresponding dive logs.

Find out more in the press release below.


Deepblu Inc. Announces Beta Launch of Deepblu 2.0
Groundbreaking Social Network Built Exclusively for Divers and Ocean Enthusiasts

With the goal of harnessing the power of the internet to revolutionize the diving lifestyle, Deepblu announced the coming beta launch of Deepblu 2.0—a major expansion of the Deepblu online platform. Deepblu—which began as a mobile dive log app for iOS and Android—is now expanding into an online community for scuba divers, freedivers, underwater photographers and other ocean lovers. While digital dive logs are still a key part of the platform, Deepblu 2.0 offers the enhanced connectivity of a modern social network and numerous powerful features for social sharing and interaction.

Debuted at DEMA, the Deepblu platform is currently in the testing phase and will go live in early December 2016, at which time it will be accessible across desktop and mobile devices.

The following major functions make up Deepblu 2.0:

User Profile – Users can create a personalized profile and post articles, photos, videos and other media on their profile wall and can comment, like and share other users’ posts. They can add buddies to their buddy list and follow the activities of other divers.

Digital Dive Logs – Deepblu has opened the platform to everyone.  For divers without a COSMIQ, the platform is compatible with Subsurface™. This software allows users to upload dive information from their 3rd party dive computers to the Deepblu platform, so now any diver can create the same visually appealing, media-rich and interactive dive logs, Deepblu-style.

Trending Page – A diver’s news aggregator. Users can explore new topics and a wide variety of high quality content curated by the Deepblu Community Team.

Following Page – A dynamic feed similar to the Facebook News Feed mixing content from a user’s buddies and other celebrity divers, NGOs and businesses they follow.

Deepblu Logs Page – A collection of all of the dive logs created on the Deepblu platform where users can explore the adventures of other Deepblu Divers. Dive logs are searchable and sortable by keyword, location and more.

Community – The place to connect and interact with other divers in social media-style discussion groups.

Planet Deepblu – An interactive map with thousands of dive spots and associated dive logs that provides users with an intuitive and seamless user experience as they explore diving and the blue planet.

With the launch of Deepblu 2.0, the company seeks to bring together and engage the interests of a diverse community of like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations by giving them a devoted space to continue the adventure above the surface.

“Looking at the current ways people interact not only in the diving industry but the entire marine community as a whole, it’s easy to see how segmented it is,” co-founder and CEO James Tsuei explains, “Our ultimate goal is to unite the diving community around our platform.”




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