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Getting Started with Underwater Photography

Welcome to the wonderful world of underwater photography!

Like most scuba divers, you're probably already enamored with the beauty, mystery and fantasy of the underwater world. Now you're ready to take the next step in joining the ranks of those who share a passion for capturing the essence of these unique environments. Underwater photography can become a lifelong adventure, which will mean something very different to each of us. Whether you intend to take snapshots to show your friends and family, or create fine art renditions of the world below, travel to exotic destinations, or just capture your kids playing in the pool, you have to start somewhere.

So start your journey with the DivePhotoGuide beginner's guide to underwater photography.

Underwater Photography Glossary
Technically super macro refers to larger than life images that are captured at a magnification greater than 1:1. Digital cameras have complicated what that definition means, the currently accepted definition of a supermacro image is one that captures an area no larger than 36 x 24mm (1.4 x 0.94 inches -- the size of a 35mm slide). You'll need extra focal length and magnification to accomplish this specialized form of imagery. In addition to a standard long focal length macro lens (see "macro"), you'll need to add one of three options: a teleconverter, screw on diopter or wet diopter. It helps to also have good eyesight, stable hands, perfect buoyancy and patience.
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